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JULY 24 – Live Panel How to Write with Mastrius Master Artists
Wednesday, July 24 @ 12-1 pm MDT

Live Panel: How to Write Your Artist Bio, Statement, and CV

  • WHY you need to have a CV, Artist Bio and Statement,and the differences between them;
  • How to write an ARTIST BIO to share your background and journey.
  • How to create an authentic & meaningful ARTIST STATEMENT that explains your creative vision and process.
AUG 1 – Live Panel Unconventional tools with Master Artist Kathleen
Thursday, August 1 @ 5-6 pm MDT

Live Panel: No Brushes Allowed! Unconventional Tools for Painting

  • The BENEFITS of using unconventional tools in your artwork.
  • Different FOUND objects or HANDMADE tools that you can use.
  • Creative approaches to FINDING and EXPERIMENTING with new tools.
AUG 8 - Live Demo Limited Palette with Master Artist Julie Snidle
Thursday, August 8 @ 5-7 pm MDT

Live Demo: Using Encaustic Paints with Limited Palette

  • An introduction to encaustic paints and the encaustic painting process.
  • How the offspring of parent colors naturally HARMONIZE with each other.
  • How a limited palette can produce a SURPRISING array of outcomes.
AUG 15 – Art Critiques Creating Depth with Mastrius Master Artists
Thursday, August 15 @ 5-6 pm MDT

Art Critiques: Creating Depth with Linear, Atmospheric, and Tactile Perspectives

  • What linear, atmospheric, and tactile perspective mean and look like.
  • The principles of linear, atmospheric, and tactile perspective and how to use them .
  • Strategies to draw viewers into your painting, capturing their ATTENTION and IMAGINATION.

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