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What is Plein Air Painting?

Painting en plein air is a style of painting where artists work outdoors, capturing the natural light and scenery of the landscape directly onto their canvas. The French term “en plein air” literally means “in the open air.”  

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Why Paint En Plein Air?

Plein Air artwork of a road and trees

Capturing Natural Light

Plein air painting gives the opportunity to capture the unique qualities of natural light. Techniques like color blocking and glazing help achieve a realistic depiction of the light and shadows.

Plein art artwork of a boat in water

Simplifying Shapes

Painting outdoors presents a lot of visual information to process. Simplify the shapes and forms of the scene to capture the essence of the landscape and create a cohesive composition.

Plein air artwork of a countryside

Painting with a Limited Palette

When painting outdoors, a limited palette of colors allows artists to mix colors more quickly and effectively, and can also create a harmonious color scheme across the painting.

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