I painted in my twenties and thirties and then not for several decades. When I did resume painting in early retirement I wanted to learn from the artists I admired and I went to literally dozens of workshops. There you make notes and hope that they make sense when you get home. They are very costly, requiring hotel and travel costs for most. Had Mastrius been around in my early years it would have been a game changer, I would have become a professional artist. Having children and all the grownup responsibilities certainly meant workshops were out of the question in those in between decades.

Now that I am in Mastrius I am getting this mentorship, I am in my own home and I do not have to make notes, I can watch the replay as often as I need during the following month. Mastrius is and will be a game changer for young artists and also for us older artists it will keep us painting, encouraged and motivated. And I’ve become friends with people I would never have met otherwise.