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JULY 24 – Live Panel How to Write with Mastrius Master Artists

Live Panel: How to Write Your Artist Bio, Statement, and CV

Wednesday, July 24th

12–1pm MDT
2–3pm EDT
7pm–8pm BST
4am–5am AEST (Thursday)

Mentors: Jenifer Kent & Valerie Allen


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How to Write Your Professional Story: Artist Bio, Statement, and CV

Join Mastrius Mentors Jenifer Kent and Valerie Allen for a helpful discussion on creating your artist bio, statement, and CV. Whether you're new to this or looking to improve, this event will give you the tips and tools to tell your artistic story and highlight your achievements.

You will learn:

  • WHY you need to have a CV, Artist Bio and Statement,and the differences between them;
  • How to write an ARTIST BIO to share your background and journey.
  • How to create an authentic & meaningful ARTIST STATEMENT that explains your creative vision and process.
  • How to build and maintain a CV that highlights your career milestones.
  • How to make sure your Bio, Statement, and CV match and support each other.

Bring your questions and join us for an insightful session to help you improve your PROFESSIONAL SKILLS!

As always, Mastrius events are LIVE & INTERACTIVE!

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Event Details

Date: July 24, 2024

Start time: 12:00 p.m. MDT

End time: 01:00 p.m. MDT

Venue: Online

Email: [email protected]

Meet Jenifer Kent

Acrylic | Charcoal | Conte | Drawing | Graphite | Ink | Mixed Media | Oil | Printmaking | Silverpoint

My mentorship group focuses on offering personal support for each artist wherever they may be in their art career. Whether needing help with maintaining a regular practice, and creating a cohesive body of work, or posting regularly on social media and crafting a statement for gallery submission, we can cover that. Sometimes an artist may need a technical critique, and others times a deep dive into process and inspiration, and I am eager to support each step of the journey.

I have taught and mentored artists at every step of their journey, from high school to mature artist, and I have experience guiding my mentees through studio practice, technical support, building a portfolio, resume and social media presence, and applying for exhibitions and galleries. I look forward to supporting you on your own art journey!

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Meet Valerie Allen

Acrylic | Watercolor | Mixed Media | Encaustic

As an abstract painter intuitive process begins a journey for me that culminates in passages of intentional design for each work of art. Using principles of improvisation, I work from prompts that present themselves through journaling, traveling, even daydreaming. The known improv prompt “yes and……” shows up in each of my paintings as multiple layers. My theme touchstones include music as shown in my Composer’s Campaign series, architecture in Athena’s Timeline collection, and personal history in the One Hundred Years paintings.

The mantra for my creative path is to repeat these three words – process, produce and present. Those words encourage my growth as an artist through the experimentation of materials and techniques that reveal new processes and through the production of art to become more prolific. When those two steps are complete, I move into the presentation of my work to others through conversations and exhibitions.

I share that same three step mantra with others through teaching. I am energized by the dialogue shared in a class and am amazed at the many interpretations for that trio of words. My goal is to help artists find their personal artistic language, improve their techniques, and increase their confidence. I am rewarded many times over by watching artists blossom and grow. It is a rich sharing experience for all involved.

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