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Lynette Melnyk

Mentorship for Mentors is tailored to refine your mentoring skills, empower you with effective communication techniques, and foster a meaningful relationship with your mentees.

Together, let’s inspire and elevate the next generation of artists!

Mentorship Mastery FOR MENTORS

What to expect

The content of the sessions are unscripted and are focused on your particular situations that you would like to discuss to find clarity and solutions.

Examples of topics are:

  • Addressing group member dynamics.
  • Creating a safe, trusting space.
  • Building rapport with your group.
  • Respecting the artist’s individuality, goals and style.
  • Meeting the artist where they are.
  • How to add the, sometimes lost, element of play.
  • How to retain your identity when mentoring other artists.
  • Boost of confidence and clarity. Believing in yourself.
  • Reducing your anxiety with anxiety management techniques.
  • Active listening to enrich your communication and understanding skills.
  • Ways to build your brand and emphasize what you offer to artists.
  • Ways to market your groups, courses, demos or panel discussions.

How to prepare

Please send a brief statement before the session of what you would like to discuss. Then relax, and let’s talk. The sessions have been described as a friendly and informative conversations with some a-ha moments, and also as a sounding board for different viewpoints to solutions. Others will also voice their concerns, which can be exactly what you want to discuss, and it is great to share, learn, and know that you are not alone.

    Who Am I?

    My background includes creativity coaching training by master coach Dr. Eric Maisel, as well as courses in clarity, imposter syndrome, and thought leadership. I bring an intuition and understanding of human nature and how to help people. My extensive 30+ years of entrepreneurial business experience includes marketing, branding, and communications, working with many clients and handling various personalities and in different situations to create a successful and productive environment for everyone involved.

    What Do I Bring?

    • A balanced creative, logical and mindful self-care perspective. Straight talk. Laughter and fun. Curiosity.
    • My creative aspect of being an artist and an empathetic understanding of what artists and coaches/mentors go through in their daily practice and in their short- and long-term goals.
    • Ongoing entrepreneurship as an artist, art business coach, creativity coach and mindset mentor.
    • I listen and care passionately about helping people rise higher together to find their meaning, believe in themselves, create their passion, achieve their goals, and love their life.
    Lynette Melnyk during a painting class


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    black and white painting by Lynette Melnyk
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    abstract wall painting by Lynette Melnyk

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