At Mastrius, we believe in providing the BEST value. Watch the All About Art Supplies video below, with David Langevin and Doug Swinton, to get an idea of what weekly events look like. 

You have a few Event options.

First, you can continue attending free events. We have at least one per month.

Second, you can sign up for our Events Membership for only $21/mo. which gives you access to all NEW events PLUS the recoding for 1 week.

Last, but not least, you can subscribe to our Events Library for only $19/mo. ($9/mo. for members) which gives you access to ALL PREVIOUS events for as long as you are a member! It’s like Netflix for artists.

Unlimited access to ALL previous EVENT RECORDINGS with this monthly library subscription.

“I was hooked after my 1st event! Thank you Mastrius!”

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