Why getting mentored in a small group is BEST – part 2

Oct 22, 2023 | Blog, Julie's Weekly

“I have loved the experience.  My group rocks. We have all grown so much together, it’s been an incredibly fulfilling experience.~ Anonymous – Emerging Artist


Continuing our series answering the question…

Why does mentorship at Mastrius happen in small groups?

Today we’ll focus on answer #2…

Because peer-to-peer learning is massively valuable!

At Mastrius, absolutely everyone comes for the mentor. 100%! What you may not know is how often we hear artists share the unexpected value they’ve received from their group. But how?


Every mentorship group meets a 2nd time each month for a more causal session without the mentor, called The Mid-Month Session. It’s in this session that you’ll get the unexpected support and help that your artist comrades can provide. Need help with social media, or advice on how to do Limited Edition prints? I bet someone in your group can help.


If we were to add up all the years of experience your mentor PLUS your group has, we could see totals ranging from 50-100 years. That’s significant!


What can a peer teach me that a Master can’t?! 


Our mentors are world class artists, many with more experience than we can shake a stick at, but they don’t know everything. 😲 And sometimes, they simply don’t remember what it’s like to be an aspiring or emerging artist.


Sometimes the best person to speak into your experience is an artist who had the same experience recently, not decades ago. No offence to any masters who are reading this, although I’m sure they’d agree.


And, times have changed.


 Artists have a plethora of tools and products that our mentors didn’t have when they were starting out…. like water soluble oil paints, social media, tar gels, smartphones, Procreate, high flow acrylic, online art shows, ChatGPT, easy to build websites, … and the list goes on and on.


But the artists in your group will have experience with many of those and more. They’re a treasure trove of knowledge and experience! So don’t underestimate the value they’ll bring to your journey.


Another massive benefit of peer-to-peer learning is that all the feedback your mentor gives, whether it’s regarding your artwork or another’s, will be relevant to you. Why? Because everyone in your group will be at the same stage as you in their art journey. So, you’re all going to have similar goals, similar struggles, and similar learning needs.  If your mentor critiques your artwork, everyone in the group will learn from it, and vice versa.


You’ll gain new insight from this shoulder-to-shoulder learning that you’d never have on your own.


The list goes on, but I’ll stop there. Somethings just need to be experienced! I hope you’ll give it a try soon. Keep in mind, we have a 30-day money back guarantee.


What have you got to lose?

~ Julie deBoer

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