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Mentoring Emerging Recording Artists

GENRE: ✔ Pop ✔ Rock ✔ Country Electronic 
ROLE: ✔ Lyricist ✔ Producer ✔ Publisher ✔ Recording Engineer ✔ Top-Line Songwriter
INSTRUMENTS: ✔ Acoustic Guitar ✔ Bass Guitar ✔ Electric Guitar 

As a modern musician, you’re expected to fulfill a lot of roles in order to have a steady stream of income. I’d like to help mentor on the general aspect of music for sync licensing, as this is a very great source of passive income over the years.

From how to follow pitch guidelines, to how to pay attention to vocal themes, and editing, I’d like to offer insight on what has helped me with Music Supervisors and catalogs in my experience.

I would like to go over previous briefs from the MIDIIO website and understand the writing process behind pitching your music. I’d like to listen to your existing work and also offer insights as members create new work for practice at their discretion.

Sync licensing is very different than having an artist project, but sometimes these lanes can overlap if the brief is just right. There is no linear path to any of these topics, but I hope I can help demystify it as much as possible!


Listed below are this Mentor’s specialty skills. Join this group if you want to grow in these areas.

Specialty: ✔ Building Lyrics ✔ Critiques ✔ Writing for Sync





Expressing the core message


Songwriting (chord voicings, arrangements, hooks)


Time Correction for Vocals


Vocal Editing


Providing song critiques


Songwriting (lyrics, melody)



Engaging managers, agents, pluggers


Industry networking


Online streaming concerns







Copyright, licensing, royalties


Streaming software

“Mastrius is a perfect balance of accountability, community and fun.
It feels like family. Family that makes you a better you.”

~ Elizabeth, Emerging Artist


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Vinny Prez is a 3x #1 Billboard-charting songwriter/guitarist from Boston, MA – With placements through Sony/Columbia, Mercury Records, Kobalt, and Martin Garrix’s STMPED Records, he’s worked in the Pop/Rock/EDM space for over 10 years.

Hand-selected by hit songwriter and American Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi, in 2021 as part of a Berklee College of Music class, he went on to work with Grammy-winning production team, Katalyst, in New Jersey.

Currently developing young artists through production deals, Vinny has been making music for TV and Film for major television networks and loves toplining and bringing his skills to any project.

#1 Billboard-charting hits:

  • Joe Bermudez ft. Louise Carver – “Sunrise”
  • Joe Bermudez ft. Louise Carver – “Crazy Enough”
  • Joe Bermudez ft Megn – “Ghosting”

Other Accomplishements:

  • Co-wrote a song for Samantha J (Sony Music): Watch Music Video
  • Audio engineer for The Platters, EP (Mercury Records)
  • Worked with several writers on Kobalt for demoing and pitching to major artists
  • I co-wrote on a release for STMPED Records, which was featured in the video game, League of Legends: Listen on Spotify
  • Mentored  for the Berkeley City Music program in 2010 for 1 semester: Program details
  • Worked on the film – High Strung (2016), (Netflix, Amazon) with a song called “DJ Fav” featured in the movie
  • Worked on various TV Shows: Dance Moms, Wicked Tuna, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Island Soul, Love & Marriage: Huntsville, Customer Wars, Street Outlaws, Road Wars, Big RV Remix, MLB Fox Pregame, History’s Crazy Rich Ancients

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