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Are you itching to level up your music career?

Do you dream of writing songs and creating tracks that truly resonate with your audience, or scoring that coveted SYNC placement?

Mastrius is here to make those dreams a reality with LIVE Online & Interactive Mentorship with a seasoned pro who’s built a name in the industry.

Get ready to be paired with the perfect mentor who will provide personalized guidance and support, empowering you to navigate the music industry with confidence and clarity.

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Power of Mentorship

Personalized Guidance: Receive tailored feedback from seasoned pros.

Networking Hub: Connect with fellow musicians and industry insiders.

Supportive Community: Get encouragement and accountability to achieve your goals.

Industry Insights Access: Gain insider knowledge and resources.

Confidence Booster: Receive validation and constructive criticism.


Access Expert Mentorship
Tailored To YOUR Needs 

With our Master Artists leading the way, you’ll accelerate your growth and fine-tune your songwriting skills like never before. But here’s the kicker – it’s not just about individual growth.


Join A Supportive,
Non-Competitive Community

Our live, interactive online mentorship sessions foster connections, collaboration, and support among fellow recording artists. It’s a space where you can share ideas, get inspired, and learn from one another in real-time.

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And hey, Mastrius isn’t just any ol’ learning platform.

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Now, we’re extending that same passion and expertise to empower recording artists like YOU.

We’re all about helping artists thrive.

Let’s make some music magic together!

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