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GENRE: ✔ Christian Contemporary ✔ Gospel ✔ Modern Worship
ROLE: ✔ Composer ✔ Lyricist ✔ Performing Musician ✔ Performing Vocalist ✔ Producer ✔ Singer Songwriter
INSTRUMENTS: ✔ Acoustic Guitar ✔ Piano 

My focus in our Mastrius mentorship group will be to listen to what you are wanting to write songs about and encourage you with practical guidance on how to reach your songwriting goals.

I love helping people write the songs that are uniquely theirs to write.

Often songwriters feel isolated (and at times misunderstood). Sometimes we as songwriters have to live a little out of time, because at times we need to write a song before it’s needed, so when it’s needed it’s there. I have coached and mentored hundreds of songwriters, developed 9 credits of college level songwriting instruction and am currently launching several online songwriting courses as part of the ‘Unlocking Your Songs’ series.

My songs are most known in modern worship settings, but I have written of variety of types of songs including all the songs for two musicals, and I love encouraging all types of songwriters from folk, rock, pop, musical theatre as well as Christian and modern worship.


Listed below are this Mentor’s specialty skills. Join this group if you want to grow in these areas.

Specialty: ✔ Critiques ✔ Building Lyrics ✔ Songwriting





Expressing the core message


Ideas & inspiration


Finding Your ‘WHY’


Songwriting (chord voicings, arrangements, hooks)


Songwriting (lyrics, melody)


Providing song critiques


Teaching how to self-critique



Live performance




“Mastrius is a perfect balance of accountability, community and fun.
It feels like family. Family that makes you a better you.”

~ Elizabeth, Emerging Artist


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Brian Doerksen’s songs (‘Come, Now Is The Time To Worship’ ‘Refiner’s Fire’ ‘Faithful One’) are sung in faith communities around the world. In 2008, Brian received a JUNO award for ‘Holy God’ (Canadian equivalent of a ‘Grammy’ for Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the year) and in 2014 at the Covenant Awards he received a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ from the Gospel Music Association of Canada. In December 2020, Brian, his family and his team broadcast the TV style Christmas special ‘Christmas At Our House with Brian Doerksen & Friends’ which won a coveted LEO award in spring 2021 for excellence in TV & Film in British Columbia.

Brian’s released ‘Hymns For Life’, his take on timeless hymns which also features his father Harry Doerksen in 2021 followed by Hymns For Life The Instrumental Album in June 2023. He released ‘Every Dream (God Who Sees)’ with pop artist Marika Siewert (which ended up being the top Cancon song at CHRI in Ottawa for 2023) Marika & Brian also released ‘In Search Of’ which is charting on Christian radio across Canada in spring 2024. Other recent releases include ‘Instruments Of Peace’ released in January 2023 & the 25th Anniversary version of ‘Come Now Is The Time To Worship’ featuring Matt Maher which released in September 2023, and the 35th anniversary version of Refiner’s Fire released with Mission House in February 2024.

Brian continues to record and work on new songs and is the director of a new online songwriting program called ‘Unlocking Your Songs’ which trains songwriters around the world. His 6 adult children include 2 sons with special needs, and he lives with his wife of 38 years Joyce and their family in Abbotsford, B.C. Canada.

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