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Mentoring Emerging Recording Artists

GENRE: Alternative Blues Country Electronic Folk Indie Jazz New Age Pop Rock
ROLE:ArrangerComposerMixing EngineerMusic DirectorPerforming MusicianProducerRecording Engineer
INSTRUMENTS: ✔ Acoustic Guitar Bass Guitar  Electric Guitar 

I’d like to outline several key areas of focus for my mentorship group:

  1. Record Production and Artist Facilitation:
    • Understanding the role of a producer and how to effectively collaborate with artists to realize their vision.
    • Maximizing each participant’s strengths and abilities to enhance the creative process.
    • From initial meetings to final mastering, exploring the entire production journey.
  2. Studio Musician Skills:
    • Essential skills and practices for studio musicians, drawing from my experience as a guitarist and musician.
    • Developing the confidence and versatility to contribute effectively to recording sessions.
    • Practical tips for setting up recording chains in various environments, including at home.
  3. Digital Recording Techniques:
    • Analyzing sessions from songs I’ve produced to delve into recording techniques and signal chains.
    • Exploring the underlying philosophies behind effective recording methods.
    • Using real recording sessions from my portfolio to foster discussions about the recording process.

By focusing on these areas, I’ll provide comprehensive guidance and hands-on learning experiences to help you grow and excel in your musical endeavors.

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Listed below are this Mentor’s specialty skills. Join this group if you want to grow in these areas.

Specialty: ✔ Critiques ✔ Digital Recording ✔ Instrumental Performance





Expressing the core message


Ideas & inspiration


Songwriting (chord voicings, arrangements, hooks)


Providing song critiques


Teaching how to self-critique


Working with artists as producer


Being a studio musician


Recording engineer


Facilitating artists vision



Live performance

“Mastrius is a perfect balance of accountability, community and fun.
It feels like family. Family that makes you a better you.”

~ Elizabeth, Emerging Artist


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  • Producer/instrumentalist/engineer on 2023 CCMA winning Alternative Country Album of the Year “A Traveler’s Lament” for Kyle McKearney
  • Producer/engineer for acclaimed album “Cowboy Witchcraft” for Kue Varo & The Only Hopes, which has hit the #1 spot multiple times at CKUA radio and charted high across Canada at college radio
  • Producer/engineer/instrumentalist for Art Bergmann “ShadowWalk” Weewerk Records
  • Producer on the Jann Arden album “Descendant”, working with Jann and Bob Rock, and garnering a 2023 JUNO nomination for “Adult Contemporary Album of the Year”, also contributing as an instrumentalist and songwriter
  • Composer/music producer for the CTV/Roku series “JANN”, writing/producing/mixing the score as well as producing songs in the show for Jann, Michael Buble, Keshia Chante, Elena Juatco and Zoe Palmer
  • Producing/mixing the second album for roots/Americana artist Kyle McKearney, as well as additional singles featuring Don Amero and Jason McCoy. Kyle won Best Contemporary Vocalist at the Canadian Folk Awards, as well as Roots Artist and Fan Choice at the Alberta Country Music Awards. In addition, the albums were nominated for CCMA Awards, WCMA Awards, and YYC Music Awards.
  • Produced the song “My Wife Thinks Your Dead” featuring David Alan Grier for the Paramount TV series “Joe Pickett”
  • Produced the song “You Never Saw Me” featuring Shaun Johnston, Amber Marshall for the CBC series “Heartland”
  • Producer/mixer/instrumentalist for Jann Arden “Happy?” Deluxe Edition, for the acoustic versions of Saved, The Sound Of and Ode To A Friend
  • Producing the single “Bad Penny” for 604 Records artist Kadooh
  • Produced/mixed/performed on the Polaris Prize nominated Art Bergmann album “Late Stage Empire Dementia”.
  • Mixing score for the TV series “Sonic the Hedgehog”(Netflix) and “Fireman Sam”(BBC) -composer and engineer for feature film score “How We Ended Us”
  • Currently producing new albums for Jann Arden, Kyle McKearney, The Static Shift, Chixdiggit

Awards and significant achievements

  • JUNO Nomination Adult Contemporary Album of the Year for Jann Arden “Descendant”
  • Winner of JUNO Songwriter of the Year (with Jann Arden)
  • JUNO nominations for Producer and Engineer of the Year
  • 6X WCMA Award winner
  • 2X AMPIA Award Winner
  • SOCAN Awards for Jann Arden songs Sleepless and Where No One Knows Me
  • Platinum and Gold Sales Awards for the Jann Arden albums
    • “Happy”
    • “Blood Red Cherry”
    • “Greatest Hurts”
    • “Love Is The Only Soldier”
    • “Jann Arden”
    • “Uncover Me”
  • Musical Director for 2019/20 North American tour of “We Will Rock You”
  • Mix credits for CMT, including:
    • Lady Antebellum
    • Jim Cuddy
    • Ron Sexsmith
    • George Canyon
    • Amos Lee
    • Fred Eaglesmith
    • Colin James
  • Performances with:
    • Jann Arden
    • Ian Tyson
    • Corb Lund
    • Oh Susanna
    • Mackenzie Porter
    • George Canyon
    • Jill Barber
  • Musical Director/guitarist for Charity Events “Flood Aid” and “Fire Aid”, working with Johnny Reid, Barney Bentall, The Rankins, Tom Cochrane and Colin James
  • Musical Director/guitarist for “Last Waltz Revisited” featuring Amy Helm, Corb Lund, Matt Andersen, Barney and Dustin Bentall, The Road Hammers, Joey Landreth and Frazey Ford, as well as the 2021 reboot of the show with Colin Linden, Jimmy Rankin, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, Barney and Dustin Bentall
  • Musical Director/guitarist/mixer for “CMT Next Generation” featuring MacKenzie Porter, Brett Kissel, Dallas Smith, Autumn Hill, Kira Isabella, Belle Starr


  • Production/instrumentalist/mixer for upcoming Jann Arden album releasing 2024 for Universal Music
  • Production/instrumentalist/mixer for upcoming Art Bergmann album releasing late 2023 for Weewerk Records
  • Production/mix/guitars on the Art Bergmann record “Late Stage Empire Dementia”, featuring the politically charged upcoming single “Christo Fascists” with MC5 legend Wayne Kramer for Weewerk Records
  • Production/instrumentalist/mixer Art Bergmann single “Death of a Siren” for Weewerk Records
  • Production/writing/multiple-instruments for Jann Arden’s 15th record “Descendent” for Universal Music.
  • Producer/writer/mixer/instrumentalist for “Traveler’s Lament “ and“Down Home” albums for Kyle McKearney 2022 and 2023
  • Producer/mixer for Kue Varo single “Feelin’ Lucky”
  • Producer/mixer/instrumentalist for Jann Arden “Happy?” reissue, bonus acoustic tracks “Saved” Ode To a Friend” and “The Sound Of”
  • Producer/mixer/instrumentalist/writer for AEM singles “Away We Go” and “Video Camera”
  • Producer/mixer/instrumentalist for single “Let ‘Em Lie” with Don Amero/Kyle McKearney
  • Producer/mixer/instrumentalist for single “Hunger Strike” with Jason McCoy/Kyle McKearney, a charity single supporting Canada Food Banks
  • Mixer for Bend Sinister “A Very Sinister Christmas”
  • Mixer for Kellie Loder album “Benefit of the Doubt” (for Telescope and Molded Like A Monster)
  • Producer/mixer/instrumentalist for upcoming singles for Newfoundland artist Carolina East
  • Composer CTV/ROKU TV series “JANN”
  • Production/writing/multiple-instruments for Jann Arden’s 15th record “Descendent” for Universal Music.
  • Songwriter for Tomi Swick/Julian Lennon single “December Sky”
  • Production/mix/guitars on the Art Bergmann record “Late Stage Empire Dementia”, featuring the politically charged upcoming single “Christo Fascists” with MC5 legend Wayne Kramer
  • Production/mix/guitars for Jason McCoy charity single “We Are One”, featuring Jason with guests Ed Robertson from BNL, Gordie Johnson from Big Sugar, Tim Hicks, Aaron Pritchett, Deric Ruttan, Raghav, Pavlo, Hayley Jensen, and many more.
  • Produced/mix/guitars for Christmas duet of Ian Tyson song “Silver Bell” for Shane Zadrevec and Ian Tyson
  • Additional production/mix/guitars for the Lindsay Ell single “Want Me Back”
  • Contributing guitars to the JUNO nominated Iskwē album acākosīk

Recent productions for:

  • Jann Arden
  • Leeroy Stagger
  • Michael Bernard Fitzgerald
  • The Dungarees
  • The Dudes
  • Dojo Workhorse
  • Ramblin’ Ambassadors
  • Jeffrey Straker
  • Sykamore
  • JP Maurice
  • Belle Starr
  • Chixdiggit
  • Kyle McKearney

Contributing guitars to albums for:

  • Brett Kissel
  • Mariel Buckley
  • Chip Taylor/Kendall Carson
  • Joe Nolan
  • Martin Page
  • Clayton Bellamy
  • Robbie Williams
  • Josh Groban
  • Rhys Fulber (Conjure One)
  • The Hello Darlin’s
  • Mike Edel
  • Alee
  • Ryan Laird
  • Drew Gregory
  • Stirling John
  • Greg Godovitz
  • Jay Semko

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