Every business is a developing story of people, growth and passion that energizes its teams and makes the business unique. With quickly-faceting marketing and communication ecologies, I help organizations better understand people and what drives them emotionally—to stop and engage them, drive better experiences and enable positive change.

My passion? Strategic marketing and communications and integrating storytelling in business to connect people with ideas—exploring, planning, differentiating, branding, evolving business narratives and creating value through deeper engagement.

I have passion and proven results in:
• connecting the energy and imagination of innovators and entrepreneurs with opportunity;
• positioning and solving perception and reputation issues with large organizations;
• supporting and driving results for non-profits.

I help brands connect on the human level through an integrated media and communications approach and connect emotion in the process of shaping beliefs, driving choices and realizing positive change.

Leading the School of Communication Design at AUArts and teaching new creatives enables me to listen to, collaborate with and develop a new generation of critical and creative thinkers.