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JUNE 24 - Summer Art Residency

Live Panel: Summer Art Residency Q&A!

Monday, June 24th

5–5:30pm MDT
7–7:30pm EDT
12am–12:30am BST (Tuesday)
9am–9:30am AEST (Tuesday)

Mentors: Julie deBoer
Members: Ana Zanella, Annae Jones


Free For Everyone.

Summer Art Residency Q&A

Have you been curious to know what all the excitement is about? Wondering what a residency is and what we’ll be doing all summer together?

Join Mastrius Mentor & Founder Julie deBoer and Artists Ana Zanella and Annae Jones for an informal Q&A about our Summer Art Residency.

You will learn:

  • How you can take a break this summer and still move forward in your art and business.
  • Which Master Artists will be making guest appearances and why.
  • What an Art Residency is and what will make ours unique
  • How we’re going to curate the residency to support you to reach your goals.
  • What’s involved, the time commitment, the fun, the accountability!
  • Bring your questions and join us LIVE for an informative and casual session.

As always, Mastrius events are LIVE & INTERACTIVE!

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Event Details

Date: June 24, 2024

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MDT

End time: 05:30 p.m. MDT

Venue: Online

Email: [email protected]

Meet Julie deBoer

Acrylic Mentor

My life is art. It’s about the creation of art, the support of artists, and impacting the world positively through art. I believe in and am building a non-competitive community where artists can grow their skills and pursue their passions together, because…

ART is powerful and purposeful. It is not about making pretty things to hang on the wall, to match the curtains. Art changes our perspective and opens us up to something much deeperhigher, and grander than ourselves.

Creating unique impressions of the world as I see and experience them, is life-giving to me, and it seems, to those who enjoy my work. I am a deep-welled person, sensitive in every way a person can be, which heightens my awareness and ability to connect with people through my art. Though it also makes life more painful, it also makes it more beautiful and I’m grateful for it.

My smooth, flowing, moving landscapes capture the interaction I experience with nature.

God says “the sky speaks, the heavens proclaim, even the rocks cry out, the mountains and hills break into singing, the trees of the forest sing for joy!” This is what I see glimpses of and hear whispers of when I’m in nature.

THIS is my JOY and PURPOSE in creating art, to translate my experience into a visual, inspiring, joy-filled, and powerful visual display.

Click Here to learn more about Julie

Meet Annae Jones

Annae Jones is a Canadian foot painting artist. After dedicating herself to raising her children, she sought to carve out a unique identity and found it in art. At the end of 2020, she gained student membership status with the International Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists and is part of their Canadian branch. This membership led Annae to find Mastrius where she became a member in May 2021 and then a navigator later that year. Annae continues to be mentored by many of our Mastrius mentors while juggling being the Lead Navigator, investing in her studio time, and spending time with her husband and two children.

Annae paints in both acrylic and water-soluble oils and is inspired by the beautiful landscapes surrounding her, although she loves exploring other genres too. Annae is an advocate for those with limb differences through her association with the War Amps of Canada and Enhancing Skills for Life charities and was formally trained as a Technical Writer.

Annae’s artistic ability has blossomed since being mentored at Mastrius and she finds the creative process liberating and therapeutic.

Click Here to learn more about Annae

Meet Ana Zanella

Ana Zanella is a mixed media painter based in Calgary creating abstract art and expressive portraits. Exploring different materials and ideas is part of her practice. Ana focuses on abstract art and expressive portraits, and is inspired by colours and textures, travel experiences, vintage pictures and traditional crafts.

Ana believes that the power of art is in portraying the worlds around us in unique ways. Art has a way to bring people together.

Click Here to learn more about Ana

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