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JUNE 13 – Live Panel Artistic Minimalism with Mastrius Master Artists

Live Panel: Artistic Minimalism: How to Declutter Your Artwork

Thursday, June 13th

5–6pm MDT
7–8pm EDT
12am–1am BST (Friday)
9am–10am AEST (Friday)

Mentors: Susan Purney Mark & Kate Green


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Artistic Minimalism: How to Declutter Your Artwork

Come join Mastrius Mentors Susan Purney Mark and Kate Green for a panel discussion on how to simplify your choices and express yourself more effectively with a decluttered composition.

Empower yourself as an artist to make better DECISIONS, FASTER, boost your PRODUCTIVITY, and convey your message more EFFECTIVELY!

Join us as we explore why our choices have real consequences, professionally and creatively. You will learn:

  • Why too many choices can hold you back from your artistic growth.
  • The benefits of a clear and focused mindset, and how it will help you think outside the box and channel your energy into what truly matters.
  • Practical examples of how you can declutter your studio and artwork.

As always, Mastrius events are LIVE & INTERACTIVE!

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Event Details

Date: June 13, 2024

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MDT

End time: 06:00 p.m. MDT

Venue: Online

Email: [email protected]

Meet Susan Purney Mark

Mixed Media | Quilting | Textiles

As an artist and creative, I am a seeker of possibilities, my art practise adds passion, excitement, wonderment and yes, sometimes frustration and discouragement to my life. And in a world that makes so many demands on our daily lives, it can be challenging to carve out those blocks of time to make the art that makes me whole. My practise is based on sound business models of time blocking, prioritizing and studio organization and I encourage my students to spend time building on these skills.
Through fostering a sense of community within a small group setting, we can inspire and support each other in dedicating their focused time to exploring innovative pathways in our art. By posing essential questions and refining our visions collaboratively, we strive to create the best art possible in each moment. I believe that together we are always stronger and my skills in leadership can will support both the individual and the community.

With my expertise in textiles and surface design, I can offer insights into novel approaches to incorporating pattern, texture, and color not only in fabrics but also in other substrates. Past participants in my mentorship programs have formed enduring connections, continuing to meet long after the program concludes—a testament to the strength of our community.

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Meet Kate Green

Acrylic | Media Media

My passion is getting alongside artists and putting courage into them, helping them unearth their own unique creativity that the world is waiting to see.
I love combining a bit of order and chaos in my artwork, and as a mentor I specialize in helping artists find order in their own chaos.

As creatives we always have a million ideas – I can help you know where to start. We all have big beautiful dreams and ambitions – I can help you work out how to transform these into action.

My goal is to bring peace, clarity and tangible progress in place of overwhelm and self doubt. To help artists create space for their creativity to flourish, to guard & nurture their joy in the art making process, to build confidence and structure that enables them to share it with the world.

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