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Cathy Simone Mentorship MmP003

$87.00 / month

For Emerging Photographers

Recurrence: 4th Saturday of every month

10am – 12pm MDT
12 – 2pm EDT
5 – 7pm BST
6-8pm CEST
2 – 4am AEST (Wedesdays)

Starts: June 25, 2022

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Am I An Emerging Photographer?

As an emerging photographer, your photos are consistent and turn out how you intend. You have a good understanding of the complex workflow from subject in front of your lens, to the final printed image.

You’ve taken workshops/courses, have begun selling your photos, and want every picture you take to be regarded as a “fine art photo”.


  • technique – color and composition, advanced camera functionality
  • critiques – get feedback on your work to help you narrow and hone your style
  • selling your work
    • pricing
    • building your brand and marketing, leveraging social media well
    • earning a steady income in an unsteady economy
    • how to sell your work and get noticed
  • business skills – learn the mechanics of creating and sustaining a business as a photographer
  • production – studio set-up, lighting, innovative techniques
  • navigating the legal intricacies of publishing (copyright, licensing, royalties)

Meet​ Cathy Simone

Photographic Illustrator | Photoshop Artist | Creative Consultant

Cathy Simone is a photographer and Photoshop artist born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.

25+ years of industry experience has allowed the opportunity of fantastic collaborations with talented photographers, dedicated designers, and inspiring artists who exhibit internationally.

Cathy’s fine art equine photography visually expresses and creatively explores quintessential nature to engage audience and evoke emotional response. Her collection of poetic narratives represents passion and respect for the art of photography, and celebrates life, liberty, and freedom.

Photography is a powerful medium of evocative memory, visual communication, and receptive creativity – a unique representation of individual vision & voice. Photographic process is essential in elevating initial capture to an extraordinary photograph.

Cathy’s diverse knowledge of photography, process, print, and presentation, in both digital and analogue mediums, is relative to all photographic disciplines and every individual’s unique, creative vision.

As an educator, Cathy welcomes sharing experience – whether challenge or success – with student, colleague, and community. She has been an instructor and mentor from 2006 to present, teaching at the Alberta University of the Arts – Bachelor of Design, Photography.

Further experience includes Photoshop & publishing courses taught at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. In addition to multiple guest speaker invitations, she has also hosted numerous workshops and seminars within the photographic community- embracing all of the wonderful opportunities to teach, share, and learn with each other.

Cathy continues to foster relationships with alumni and former students, affirming her dedication and commitment to their personal and professional development, future aspirations, and artistic endeavours.

“My ambition is to share knowledge & wisdom, professional expertise & craftsmanship, creativity & visual expression, with those who have passion for photography and process.”