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JUNE 20 – Art Critiques Color and Composition with Mastrius Master Artists

Art Critiques with Gaye Adams and Lynn Goldstein

Thursday, June 20th

5–6pm MDT
7–8pm EDT
12am–1am BST (Friday)
9am–10am AEST (Friday)

Mentors: Gaye Adams & Lynn Goldstein


Free For Mastrius Members.

Improve Your Color and Composition!

Experience the power of constructive Art Critiques… It’s the best way to learn!

Take the right steps to refine your artwork and craft compelling narratives with expert feedback! Join us for an interactive session where you'll get helpful guidance and insights to strengthen your skills, quickly.

Mastrius Master Artists Gaye Adams and Lynn Goldstein will share their wisdom on how to use color and composition for powerful results in your painting.

Besides LIVE critiques of your artwork, here's what you’ll learn:

  • When and how to FOLLOW or BREAK THE RULES of composition for impactful storytelling.
  • The collaborative relationship between color DYNAMICS and composition to deepen your artwork's narrative.

Strategies to draw viewers into your painting, capturing their ATTENTION and IMAGINATION.


Want LIVE feedback from these Mentors on YOUR art?

  • Click here to submit your artwork.
  • ANYONE registered for the workshop can submit art.
  • Five pieces will be selected for live critique during this event.
  • Artists MUST be in attendance to have their work critiqued.


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Event Details

Date: June 20, 2024

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MDT

End time: 06:00 p.m. MDT

Venue: Online

Email: [email protected]

Meet Gaye Adams

Oil | Pastel

My work is not difficult to understand – it is simply an expression and a diary of my impressions of those elements in the visual field that bring me joy.

I seek to create a sense of authenticity in my representational paintings, and lend my voice to creating awareness and appreciation of our natural world. My fond hope is to transport the viewer to beautiful wild places that I have been privileged to experience and to share my joy of rendering light, atmosphere and my sense of delight in the world around me. And to be able do all this with mere paint – to accomplish that makes me the most fulfilled of all people.

Click Here to learn more about Gaye

Meet Lynn Goldstein

Oil | Drawing | Acrylic | Charcoal | Pastel | Mixed Media | Ink | Graphite

My goal is to guide artists in elevating both their craft and art business to new heights through insightful critiques and engaging discussions on the nuances of professional artistic practices. I find joy fostering opportunities for students to discover and develop their unique artistic voices. Whether drawing inspiration from historical or contemporary artists, tapping into these rich resources enhances the strength of each student’s work.
In the mentorship journey, I will offer constructive critiques, often supplementing them with images from artists whose work aligns with the creative endeavors of my students. I firmly believe that to advance one’s art, it’s crucial to not only refine artistic techniques but also embrace the business side of the craft. I’m here to address inquiries on social media strategies, building and nurturing email lists, reaching out to past buyers, and maintaining an effective website.

The course I envision is designed to be open-ended, providing support in both fortifying artistic skills and refining business practices. I’m committed to assisting artists in their quest to transcend boundaries and truly thrive in the dynamic realm of art and entrepreneurship.

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