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MEDIUM: Oil Paint
SPECIALTY: ✔ Building Your Brand ✔ Finding Your Artistic Style ✔ Creating Bodies of Work

“Cityscapes, landscapes, still life or the figure, the process is my passion…”

Philippe Gandiol, an award winning painter, was born and raised in France and moved to California in his early 20’s. He has painted with oils for over 30 years. He pursued an independent program of study taking classes in France, San Francisco and Sacramento and with several renowned West Coast painters.

Philippe likes to paint a variety of subjects including landscapes, cityscapes, still life and figures “en plein air” or in the studio. He works often from life, believing that in that setting he can he find the full range of light and colors that he wants in his paintings. Also and even more important, he can embrace first hand the spirit and mood of his subject. He is actively involved with the California artist community, art events and fundraisers. He also participated in local and national juried art festivals in Easton, MD, Sonoma, Carmel, Los Gatos in California to name a few.

He teaches privately out of his studio or in the outdoor and also offers online demonstrations and painting workshops. As an instructor, Philippe is appreciated as a thorough, supportive and inspiring mentor.

Artwork by Tony Bianco
Artwork by Tony Bianco
Artwork by Tony Bianco
Artwork by Tony Bianco
Artwork by Tony Bianco
Artwork by Tony Bianco

Philippe’s EXPERTISE

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Specialty: ✔ Building Your Brand ✔ Finding Your Artistic Style ✔ Building Bodies of Work 



Technique Demos


Colour and Composition


Supplies and Tools – what to use, where to save, and where to spend


Studio Setup for Art Production


Providing Art Critiques


Teaching How to Self Critique



Social Media


Shows and Exhibits



Running your art business the dayto-day


Pricing Artwork


Studio Time Management

“Mastrius has done wonders for my confidence. I have managed to step way outside of my comfort zone which has in turn given rise to so many more opportunities to further my art career.”
~ Deb, Emerging Artist


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Artwork by Tony Bianco

Professional Affiliations

  • California Art Club
  • Oil Painters of America American Impressionist Society Plein Air Painters of California
  • Sacramento Plein Air Painters

Recent Awards

  • 2022 – Plein air Salon Art Competition – Best Nocturne
  • 2021 – Frank Bette Plein Air Paintout – People Choice
  • 2021 – Plein air Salon Art Competition – Best Building
  • 2020 – American Impressionist Society 21st National Juried exhibition – 2nd place
  • 2020 – Frank Bette Plein Air Paintout – Artists Choice
  • 2015 2022 Boldbrush painting competition – FAV15%
  • 2019 – Los Gatos Plein Air – Artists Choice, 3rd place
  • 2018 – Plein air magazine / Plein air salon, 3rd place overall and Best Building