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Since Oliver has always been deeply inspired by a 20th Century master artist, Nicolai Fechin, Oliver employs his influence in creating sensitive, emotional and dramatic portraits in vine charcoal.

To capture the insight and warmth of each subject, then transfer it from life to drawing paper is Oliver’s motivation.

To leave behind an essence of personality on drawing paper, along with intense personal feelings, is Oliver’s attempt to reveal his approach to art and life.

Artwork by Andrew McDermott
Artwork by Andrew McDermott
Artwork by Andrew McDermott
Artwork by Andrew McDermott



Listed below are this Master’s specialty skills. Join this Master’s group if you want to grow your skills in these areas.



Colour and Composition


Studio Setup for Art Production


Supplies and Tools – what to use, where to save, and where to spend


Technique Demos


Providing Art Critiques


Teaching How to Self Critique

For Accomplished Artists

Am I An Accomplished Artist?

As an Accomplished artist, you have become established and successful as an artist – so now what? Mastery!

  • You have a well-defined style & display strong technical skills
  • You have approximately 10 years of dedication to your craft (CV/resume demonstrates approximately 10 years of shows, exhibitions, gallery representation)
  • You may have started teaching others technique skills
  • You worry about the risk of getting stagnant in your art growth by the distraction of commercial success

What do you learn?

  • Connecting your personal voice to your craft. Personal expression of how you feel about life, communicated in your own unique way. Challenging your motives: are you painting from a place of passion, or due to pressure?
  • Differentiate your work. Stand out from the crowd.
  • Never stop pursuing excellence in your work. Hone the subtle nuances of technique and work in your unique voice.

More than an Art Workshop


2-hr monthly
videoconference session with MASTER ARTIST, NAVIGATOR and small group

Practice-based HOMEWORK


Additional 1-hr session mid-month with NAVIGATOR and GROUP. Navigator permanently assigned to your group, accountable for your growth trajectory

CONFIDENTIAL discussion board for you and your group, with 24hr access to session RECORDINGS

CHOOSE a new Master Artist every 6 to 8 months to bring NEW EXPERTISE and SKILL TRAINING

About The Artist

Artwork by Andrew McDermott
Artwork by Andrew McDermott
Artwork by Andrew McDermott

Oliver Sin is an alumnus of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, with a BFA in Illustration. After graduating in 1996, he started his art career as a computer game concept artist at LucasArts. From 2001 until now, Oliver has returned to his own school to be an art professor for the School of Fine Arts and 2D Animation. Oliver has been so drawn to art even as a little boy, he once recalled that he started drawing at the age of 3. Somehow, portraiture seems to be his favorite form of expression which he constantly practices, not only as an art professor but as a favorite hobby as well. Since 2011,

Oliver has been lucky enough to come across a few distinguished contemporary artists as his mentors, ZhaoMing Wu, Henry Yan, and Chung-Wei Chien. Their tireless guidance has urged him to put greater efforts into capturing fleeting human expressions and paying more attention to precise composition in figurative portraits.

Oliver’s first art book, “Drawing the Head for Artists” was published by Rockport publisher in the year 2019, the Spanish & Dutch versions are available in the year 2020. Oliver’s first educational step-by-step DVD, “Portrait Drawing Simplified” was published by Streamline Publishing in April 2022. Oliver’s vine charcoal portrait drawing of his dad has won the First Place Drawing at the Portrait Society of America International Art Competition in 2021. For consistent achievements of artistic excellence in the art field of fine art portraiture, Oliver has earned “Signature Status” with the Portrait Society of America in 2022.

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