Michaela Hoppe


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MEDIUM: Oil Paint | Acrylic Paint | Watercolor Paint
SPECIALTY: ✔ Generalist 

My entire life has been a constant hunt for beauty. Growing up I was always drawn to the romantic, the whimsical, and the small hidden places that tell secrets and stories left by people long gone. What inspires each piece I paint can be different from moment to moment. It can be the light, the colour, or the line of any given subject. Sometimes its the honest moment shared by two people that tell a story about their relationship. I love finding someone enjoying a moment of peace, capturing it on camera, then trying to communicate that same feeling of peace through paint.

I have been painting since high school when an art teacher forced a brush into my hand and told me to go for it. Since that moment, and that small pastoral landscape, art has been a constant in my life. My methods have evolved over the years but they always start with a photo I have taken either in my own back yard or while travelling abroad. I choose the medium I will paint with specifically to suit the needs of the story or emotion I am sharing. The combination of figure and environment creates a narrative that speaks to everyone differently.

What it comes down to is….I paint pictures that I like. I hope you like them, too.

Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe

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Specialty: ✔ Generalist



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Studio time management

Mastrius has done wonders for my confidence. I have managed to step way outside of my comfort zone which has in turn given rise to so many more opportunities to further my art career.
~ Deb, Emerging Artist


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Artwork by Michaela Hoppe

Born and raised in small town Biggar Saskatchewan, Michaela has been painting mostly in oil since high school. Largely self-taught and determined to find her artistic voice with a style of art that is partly figurative and partly landscape, Michaela has built a career that is gaining momentum across Canada.

She draws inspiration for her work from every aspect of her life. Her art reflects her life, the places that she has travelled, the people that she has met. Her settings range from Canadian prairie, to European streetscape, from rivers and mountains to boreal forest, and from Pacific to Atlantic Coast. They often include snapshots of life in a way that allows the viewer to relate it to their own story and experiences, creating a unique narrative for everyone who sees them.

Michaela’s painting style is a amalgamation of the techniques she has learned, her observations, and a unique flavor all her own. She enjoys learning from fellow artists and working within a creative
community, and loves taking the opportunity to share her love of art by teaching classes to both school students and amateur adults. She is inspired by her two daughters and loving husband who are
endlessly supportive of her creative talents and passions.

Artwork by Michaela Hoppe

Awards, Honors, and Publications:

2022 – AIRI Residency at the Residency Inn by Marriott, Downtown Calgary AB

2021 – Art Now Fine Art Fair, Art Talk

2020 – Published in the art book “Creative Sanity” by Matthew Dowling

2018 – August, Kingsbrae Internation Residency for the Arts, St. Andrews New Brunswick

2007 – Saskatoon Star Phoenix Article for the Biggar Museum and Gallery