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MEDIUM: Mixed Media | Textiles
SPECIALTY: ✔ Artistic Process & Mindset ✔ Creating Bodies of Work ✔ Finding Your Artistic Style

The primary focus in my mentor group will be on “experimentalism.” Take your work in unexpected creative directions through new, unique approaches to materials, techniques, and ideas!
From dryer lint to sculptural industrial fiber materials, from heat image transfers to stitching wet paint, I have been creatively pushing boundaries for 48 years! I’m eager to share what I’ve learned with you.
Leverage new power in your art through collaborative feedback and directed, independent experimentation in your studio. You’ll get short assignments in between sessions, along with practical strategies to overcome creative blocks. You’ll learn to break any restrictive stereotypes of what constitutes a “body of work”. You’ll gain skills to become more productive and more prolific, and get your work out there to be appreciated and collected.

Artists working in a wide range of mediums such as fiber arts, textiles, mixed media, collage, textural paintings, sculpture, and beyond, will benefit from these dynamic mentor sessions.

Let’s go on a journey of deep, experimental growth!

Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Mentorship with Leisa Rich
Mentorship with Leisa Rich
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe


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Specialty: ✔ Artistic Process & Mindset ✔ Creating Bodies of Work ✔ Finding Your Artistic Style 



Colour and Composition


Technique Demos


Studio Setup for Art Production


Teaching How to Self Critique


Providing Art Critiques


Supplies and Tools – what to use, where to save, and where to spend



Shows & Exhibits

“Mastrius is a perfect balance of accountability, community and fun.
It feels like family. Family that makes you a better you.”

~ Elizabeth, Emerging Artist


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Artwork by Michaela Hoppe

“I use old materials and age-old fiber art/art techniques in new ways, and transform new materials in ways they were not originally intended for. My preferred techniques include free motion stitching — otherwise known as machine embroidery, a method of “painting” and building texture with thread on a sewing machine — and manipulating a fascinating material called Fosshape®. I also sew, dye, paint, burn, melt, hand embroider, 3D print, laser cut/engrave, cast, build and assemble.

Impactful experiences as a child that include deafness, a trip to Disneyland at age 5, creating sculptural pieces at my dad’s electrical shop, and a weeping willow tree have been inspirational. Also, a quest to draw viewers in with intriguing, tactile pieces, and instigate human interaction through sight/touch/sound, inspire me to create hyper-Utopian, enveloping experiences, and a growing concern about the environment informs my recent works.”

Leisa Rich has Master of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Education in Art degrees, and has been teaching for 48 years in schools, arts centers, universities, and in her studio, across the U.S. & Canada. Her work is published in numerous books, magazines, on line, and televised interviews. She has also written national and international magazine reviews and articles. She has art works in the permanent collections of Delta Airlines Inc., Hilton Hotels Inc., Emory Healthcare and Women’s Health, The Kamm Foundation, The Dallas Museum of Art and more, and in private collections across the U.S., Canada, and the EU.

Leisa has published a children’s book she wrote and illustrated https://www.animalalphabettravelingtwisters.com

and a series of How-To books: https://www.blurb.ca/b/9552452-fosshape-volume-one-the-basics

She is a recipient of many awards, most recently a 2022 Surface Design Association EIP award, and a 2019 Distinguished Fellowship, Fulton County Arts Council, Atlanta, Georgia.