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Michaela Hoppe

In the podcast above, you’ll discover a way of working that goes back to the masters, how to think about painting atmosphere, and why it all comes down to feelings. 

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SPECIALTY: ✔ Artistic Process & Mindset ✔ Plein Air

Jerry Fresia is a plein-air painter, teacher and writer. He has independently sold well over 1,800 paintings worldwide. His work is featured in Landscape Painting by Mitchel Albala and has been featured in American Artist, International Artist and Corriere di Como (Italy). One of his collectors, a multi-billionaire, is among the Top 200 art Collectors Worldwide (ARTnews). A second multi-billionaire and also a major collector of contemporary and Indian art, is the 124th richest person on the planet. 

Fresia studied in the studio of William Schultz whose teachers before him trace back to Sargent and Monet. He now teaches this same method in his Bellagio and Florida workshops, which have been attended by painters from 5 continents and 37 countries. Fresia frequently gives painting demonstrations and in 2018 he demonstrated at the Broadway Arts Festival in The Cotswolds, England. He is recognized as an American Impressionist Society Master Artist by the AIS.

Fresia received a PhD in political science from the University of Massachusetts and has taught at numerous universities in the US. He has published books on American political economy (Praeger 1986 and South End Press 1988) and has self-published on the practice and philosophy of French Impressionism. His articles on art have appeared in ThoughtCo, Outdoor Painter, Counterpunch, Medium, Owler, Art Direct, and ZMagazine.

Prior to moving to Lake Como, Fresia worked for 12 years as executive director of art exhibition groups in San Franciso.


I will introduce students to the authentic method shared by many of the French Impressionists. The method I use, which breaks the painting process down into 5 distinct stages, was handed down in the studio, from master to student, down to my teacher whom I began studying with when I was 16.

I will show students examples of this process and asign them the task of using the method, by focusing on each of the stages in successive weeks, while working from nature in their own environment.

Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe


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Specialty: ✔ Artistic Process & Mindset ✔ Plein Air



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Artwork by Michaela Hoppe


“Few artists have captured the enchantment of Lake Como, Fresia has perfectly succeeded and has given to me, someone who has known and loved this lake my entire life, an entirely new emotion.”

Rachele Zagnoli Guicciardi, Independent Consultant 
Christie’s Auction House, Genoa

“Fresia is a wonderful high key artist like Turner and Lloyd Rees. There are only a few artists who are able to paint like this.”

Richard Mordaunt, Award-winning Documentary
Filmmaker, Australia/UK

“Fresia is by far the best contemporary painter of Lake Como and the Lombard Prealps.”

Marco Ausenda, Deputy Chairman, Mondadore Electa, Milan
President & CEO, Rizzoli Int’l. Publications, NY

“A master painter of the world 

International Artist Magazine

“Fresia is an internationally recognized master of plein-air painting. We work with artists all over the world and there is no one I know of today who captures light and emotion with consistent passion and extraordinary results as he does. Fresia’s work represents the best of the contemporary Impressionists.”

Timothey Blonkvist, FAIA LEED
Founding Principal, Overland Partners, TX
Former Senior Designer, I.M. Pei Architects, NY

“I have filmed Fresia painting and he is masterful at creating life with every brushstroke. Watching him work is inspiring beyond words. (To see him work go here: and here”

Cheryl Diaz Meyer, Pulitzer Prize-Winning
Photojournalist, DC

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