Jade says – “I’m honored to be part of the Mastrius team, contributing my skills and knowledge to our mission of empowering creatives to change the world.

My journey is a testament to the transformative power of pursuing a dream career built on one’s talents.

I believe solopreneurs and entrepreneurs are the architects of our future, with creativity at its core.”

In 2013, Jade took a pivotal step away from her role as the senior designer at a local boutique design and marketing agency to lend her expertise to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the realm of design and marketing.

Jade possesses a profound appreciation for elegant, uncomplicated, and impactful design and marketing strategies. To her, the essence lies in leaving a profound imprint on the world and assisting those who are dedicated to serving others.

In 2017, Jade embarked on a collaborative journey with a programmer to construct the backend system for CBS Newspath, a prominent division of CBS. This project masterfully amalgamated the diverse internal requirements of all CBS offices across the United States.

Jade is ardently dedicated to collaborating with individuals who are committed to positive change and benevolent endeavours.

Her ethos revolves around nurturing authentic relationships and fostering substantive influence.

Before charting her own path as an independent professional and prior to her tenure at an agency, Jade’s design career found its inception at The Calgary Sun, where she honed her skills in the Art Department for a remarkable three years.