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MEDIUMS: Encaustic | Mixed Media
SPECIALTY: ✔ Generalist

My mentorship group focuses on elevating encaustic artists’ artistic voices and professional presence. Drawing from my two decades of experience as a professional artist and workshop instructor, I understand the challenges you face. My Artist Mentorship Sessions are designed to provide personalized feedback, career development, and skill development tailored to your unique journey. You can expect targeted, in-depth responses to their work, guidance on studio setup, supplies, and tools, and support in overcoming creative roadblocks.

In our sessions, you will receive comprehensive guidance on composition, design, and technical issues, along with insights into the accountability aspects of running an art business. This includes time management, identifying strengths, and recognizing potential pitfalls. My approach includes tailored assignments and feedback to help you develop a coherent body of work, achieve technical excellence, and set and achieve goals for a profitable creative practice. Additionally, I offer marketing support, career strategies, and resources for exhibitions, live or online, to help you expand your professional presence.

By participating in this mentorship group, you will be supported in creating authentic, personal work, and will benefit from a collaborative process where you actively contribute to your growth and development. My goal is to help you deepen your artistic practice, gain valuable critiques, and provide the tools and resources needed to achieve your creative and professional goals.

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Isabelle’s EXPERTISE

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Specialty: ✔ Generalist



Color & Composition


Technique Demos

Supplies and tools – what to use, where to save, and where to spend

Providing Art Critiques


Teaching How to Self Critique



Artist Statement & CV


Shows & Exhibits



Approaching Galleries


Running Your Art Business the Day to Day


Studio Time Management

“Mastrius is a perfect balance of accountability, community and fun.
It feels like family. Family that makes you a better you.”

~ Elizabeth, Emerging Artist


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As a contemporary artist, my chosen medium is encaustic, an ancient form that resonates with the depth of time. My artistic journey intertwines seamlessly with my daily sketching routine, where I delve into mark-making and gesture. Through this practice, I absorb the essence of my surroundings, weaving together the visual memory of place—its forms, colours, textures, and patterns.

The transmutation of these experiences finds expression in my paintings, not through overt consciousness but as a manifestation of the embodiment of my encounters in my hands and body.

A profound fascination with geological processes, shaped by time and weather, drives my artistic exploration. I am drawn to the layers that build up over time, gradually revealed by the relentless forces of nature. In my studio, I emulate these geological processes in my art-making.

Each painting undergoes a series of stages, mirroring the natural forces that mould landscapes—construction, destruction, growth, and decay.

Much like an archaeological process, my paintings evolve through the physicality of layering pigmented beeswax, scraping it back while cooled, scoring, and shaping. This intricate technique results in highly tactile surfaces that invite viewers to explore the nuanced history embedded within each work

I am a professional visual artist with a BA (Hons), originally from La Rochelle in the southwest of France, and currently residing in Ireland. My artistic journey began in 1992 at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts in Poitiers, France, where I studied sculpture, drawing, and painting. This foundation led me to Ireland, where I worked in the theatre business and taught puppetry and mask making until the early 2000s.

In 2006, I graduated with an honours degree in fine arts in Ireland. Since then, my artistic career has been enriched by national and international exhibitions in locations such as the USA, Northern Ireland, China, and France. I am a former member of Artspace in Galway and G126 and currently serve as a board member and mentor for The International Encaustic Artists (IEA) organization. The IEA supports the growth and advancement of wax artists globally, providing opportunities and resources within an international community. Additionally, I participate in the Painting with Fire yearly online program, which brings together 27 world-renowned artists to offer encaustic masterclasses on a global scale.

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