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MEDIUMS: Watercolor | Graphite | Mixed Media | Drawing
SPECIALTY: ✔ Technical Skills

I love the feeling of exhilaration when trying something new and the journey each artwork takes as I respond intuitively to the often spontaneous, happenings on the surface.

And while I have always been captivated by the creative process, intellectual challenge, and spontaneity of watercolour, my interest in an array of mediums, application processes and surfaces is growing.  My recent work continues to evolve and most recently reflects a fusion of both recognisable and abstract imagery. I enjoy a variety of mixed media including collage, monotype, drawing and painting, sometimes within the same painting 

While my teaching usually focuses on traditional drawing and painting as important foundational skills for beginner artists, I strongly encourage my more experienced students to develop their unique interpretation and style.  Fear can be the greatest obstacle to artistic growth and often trying something outside of our comfort zone can result in wonderful discoveries.

mixed media art class example
painting of a forest and river
watercolour painting of a waterfall
watercolour painting of flowers
painting of a person laying down


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Technique Demos


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Teaching to Self Critique


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abstract art class demonstration by Annette raff

Annette Raff is an Australian artist living on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Annette works as a professional artist, operating as a successful art practitioner, teacher, competition judge and mentor for the past 26 years; teaches weekly art classes; and conducts workshops partnering with industry, educational and community sectors.  

With a Bachelor of Fine Art and an Advanced Certificate in Art and Design, she teaches a variety of subjects and mediums, including, watercolour, mixed media, and drawing, Annette balances her busy schedule of work as an art tutor with her personal artistic development.  

"Creating art is never far away from my mind and seemingly ordinary subjects can inspire me.  It is often the play of light, shadow and shape that attracts me and therefore my subject matter varies".  

Annette's work is displayed in private collections in Australia and Europe, won numerous art awards and art prizes; judged competitions; been published in Australian Artist, International Art Magazine, The Artist Magazine and Art/Edit.