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MEDIUMS: Acrylic Paint | Mixed Media Art | Graphite Art | Pastel Art
SPECIALTY: ✔ Technical Skills

I have been drawing and painting now for many years. 

This is my passion and love that I have a desire to constantly try to reach the next level. 

Time and experience has helped me secure my future destiny of being a master painter. 

I will never give up this love of art, always being open to new ideas and challenges. 

Plien Air is one of these challenges, painting cherry blossoms in the spring can be a visual inspiration for many artists including myself.

I will strive to be a master artist, sharing what I know along the journey constantly pushing myself to learn, whether being an Instructor or a student.

“It is better to paint for one minute a day than to think about it for 24 hours a day; one learns more in that one minute of painting than in thinking about it for 24 hours.”

painting of boats in water
acrylic painting tutorial of people crossing road
acrylic painting tutorial of people in rain
acrylic painting tutorial of wet city street
acrylic painting tutorial of city street
acrylic painting tutorial of house


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Specialty: ✔ Technical Skills



Colour and Composition


Technique Demos


Providing Art Critiques


Supplies and Tools – what to use, where to save, and where to spend


Studio Setup for Art Production



Shows and Exhibits


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acrylic painting tutorial of a tree

Upon College graduation in Graphic Design and Illustration, Andrew studied and further refined his own unique style, winning top awards including the Master Circle Medallion from IAPS. 

Having many published articles, included The Artist magazine 25 under 40. 

Andrew has also had full feature articles in top art magazines such as International Artist, The Artist UK, Magazin'art, and the Pastel Journal. 

Andrew is a popular workshop Instructor and is also a life drawing Instructor for the Illustration department at Langara College, Capilano University and for the Animation department at the Vancouver Film School.