Paint Vivid Figures in Oils

From Gesture to Glaze – Mastering the Method of Building Dimension and Accuracy in the Human Form.

Instructor: Jason Jenkins
Audience: Fine Art Painters
For Stage(s):
Beginner, Aspiring, Emerging
Medium: Oil

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Starts on Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Jan 17 | Jan 24 | Jan 31 | Feb 7 | Feb 14 | Feb 21 | Feb 28
7 sessions, 2 hrs each, weekly
11:00am – 1:00pm MT


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Course Description

Step into a transformative creative process with Jason Jenkins’ Figure Form Painting course, a journey that delves deep into developing vibrant, lifelike figures.

Through a meticulously structured progression, participants will start with abstract geometry and move through an engaging sequence of blocking in light and shadow shapes, color relationships, and fine-tuning techniques.

This comprehensive session is designed to empower artists with a precise, strategic methodology, ideal for autonomous exploration and enhancement in their personal artistic endeavors.

Here’s what we’ll explore together:

  • We will begin with painting the gesture directly on the canvas in abstract geometry which is ideal for establishing placement, scale, and proportion.
  • From there we will examine how to block-in the shadow shapes and wipe out the light mass, refining the interaction of these shapes as we alternate back and forth between both steps, generating interlocking graphic and wipe out the light mass, refining the interaction of these shapes as we alternate back and forth between both steps, generating interlocking graphic shapes, which is the first step to establishing three dimensionality.
  • We will then block in the light mass, using a limited palette, with an average color and value for the flesh in light, and then proceed to systematically break down the light mass into a limited range of values describing its planar relationship to the direction of the light source.
  • From there we will explore the color relationship of our subject by doing a color study on a secondary surface, after which we will use our color study to guide the application of full color to the planes previously established.
  • Once the full color relationship is established in a mosaic of shapes representing the previously established planar structure, we will begin developing smaller planes between each of the already completed ones using bridging color notes.
  • As we develop smaller and smaller bridging planes the firm will become more specific and organic, enabling us to render form without compromising structure.
  • When we have completed this stage, we will introduce medium and move into a finish pass, switching from bristle brushes to softer ones, and generating softer shapes and edges.
  • The introduction of medium will be done in accordance with the principle of fat over lean, and will enable us to apply the paint in transparent and translucent passages known as glazes and velaturas, which will maximize the effect of light in form. This stratagem will be carried out section by section and bring us closer to the completion of the process.
  • Once the entire surface has been addressed in this manner, we will make another pass fine tuning and making final adjustments to the image as a whole. After this we will address varnishing and post production procedures such as photo documentation, framing, and storage.
  • When completed, students will have a solid methodology to continue practicing strategically in their own independent work.

Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your skills and boost your painting confidence!

Supply List
  • Filbert bristle brushes #2 and #3
  • Small soft synthetic/sable brushes (rounds or cat’s tongues)
  • A knockdown-brush
  • 2 cotton canvases (1 at 16×12 and 1 at 20×16) toned with Golden Acrylic Neutral #6
  • Odorless mineral spirits
  • Stand oil
  • A prepared wooden palette
  • Sealable turp jars or cups
  • Viva paper towels
  • Palette knives are optional


  • Burnt Sienna
  • Permanent Rose
  • Perelyne Red
  • Cadmium Red
  • Cadmium Scarlet
  • Cadmium Orange
  • Raw Sienna
  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Cadmium Yellow Pale
  • Cadmium Green Pale
  • Permanent Green Light
  • Viridian Green
  • Pthalo Turquoise
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Dioxazine Purple
  • Quinacridone Magenta
  • Titanium White
Instructor Bio

Ten years ago, I gave up my professional art practice of Fifteen years to go back to art school for the second time. At Studio Incamminati, I learned methods very different from those I previously employed, and in the six years since my graduation I have reconciled these various methods despite their often-foundational differences. My work currently merges, the Florentine and Venetian schools, as was intended at the Accademia degli Incamminati (the original Incamminati) in the Sixteenth century, and an impressionist palette and Henry Hensche’s method of wielding it, from my training at Studio Incamminati, with the Dutch Method’s approach to temperature, transparency and opacity, carried forward from my career previous to Studio Incamminati.

As a teacher and a lifelong student, the investment of time spent in academia has been a most valuable and a most fortunate opportunity. It has fueled my passion in the studio and in the classroom, where I consider it a duty and a privilege to pass on technique and methodology to those who hunger for them. I take that role very seriously.

From this position in my career and in my life, I look back through time, all the way back to the fog of my earliest memories. Scattered along the way I see the debris of many abandoned ideas, personal experiences, and formative memories. I see the debris collectively as the crumbs of a personal mythology in the earliest stages of incubation, and I see my long-term fixation on the narrative and the figure as the natural extensions of a time-honored vehicle within which to explore it.

I look forward and I see my recent work as in the larval stage, actively evolving into a new iteration that aims to explore contemporary drama and visual effect, and to utilize therapy, experience, and maturity to explore personal mythological narratives, in a manner that addresses the frequently veiled Intersectionality of mental health, abuse, sexuality, gender, and addiction, in a familiar and relatable context.

Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe
Artwork by Michaela Hoppe


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