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Live Panel: Plein Air Painting

Monday, September 12

5 – 6pm MDT
7 – 8pm EDT
12 – 1am BST (Tuesday)
9 – 10am AEST (Tuesday)

Panelists: Cam Forrester, David Simons, Marcela Strasdas


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Join Mastrius Mentors Cam Forrester, David Simons and Marcela Strasdas for a panel on Plein Air Painting as they share their own experiences on painting outside.

They will answering questions like:

  • What is plein air painting? Why would you like to paint outside your studio?
  • How do we paint plein air? What is the gear you need? What do I paint outside?
  • What are the differences in the painting process that you might experience in plein air?

Bring your questions to ask the mentors!


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Meet Cam Forrester

Oil Master

It’s more than art, it’s an adventure”! I’ve been painting for over 20 years, and the adventure continues. I have a studio, but I do most of my painting and sketching outdoors. I’ve painted from mountaintops in the Yukon, carried a 50-pound pack on my back, hiked and painted in streams, painted under tarps in the snow under the watchful eye of Bald Eagles. I’ve painted sunrises and sunsets from boats and canoes in the spectacular Saskatchewan landscape. It’s not just about the paint, it’s the sheer joy of being in the moment and having the ability to capture the wild outdoors on canvas.

Meet David Simons


David Simons is a self-taught artist of over 30 years from Tubac, Arizona. His unique and captivating oil paintings have made him one of the most notable artists in the Southwest, with collectors worldwide.

Displaying a range of diverse subjects in his work, David brings his signature style to life with scenes from the southwest, seascapes, portraits, still life, and more. David also hosts workshops on oil painting and is a renowned artist not only by Arizona locals, but national publications such as Southwest Art, Art Talk Magazine, and Arizona Highways.

β€œOil painting for me is a meditative experience – essential to my wellbeing, and a necessary part of my life. Painting brings me great joy, and, I hope, uplifts the hearts of those who view my work.

I like to explore the subtle ways that light affects the subject. I also enjoy color, but the value relationships in a scene are what interest me most. I also like to emphasize the abstract nature of what surrounds us.”

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Meet Marcela Strasdas

Oil | Watercolor | Acrylic

Marcela Strasdas is an Argentinian-Canadian painter who loves painting landscapes and florals in oils. Β She is greatly inspired by her love of travelling and gardening which she translates into colourful, vibrant paintings depicting the beauty found in everyday life.

Nearly 20 years ago, during one of the busiest times of her life, Marcela found herself diving into the world of art. She joined a local art club where she was exposed to a variety of artistic media and styles of work. During those first years, the time that Marcela devoted to her painting became totally sacred, a time that she could dedicate to herself. Since then, she has taken countless workshops, classes and mentorship from many renowned artists she admires. With a strong belief that there is no end to learning and growing as an artist, Marcela continues to study and learn as much as possible in her day-to-day life.

Plein-air work is an intrinsic part of her process and inspiration. She has painted in many areas of the world like BC, the Bugaboos, Italy and the Arctic just to name a few.Β Β  In her work, Marcela gets to instill her experiences: the smells, sounds, shapes, colours, darks, and lights of a moment, invoking memories and freezing them in time. Preferring to focus on the good, the positive, and the beautiful in the world, she is constantly inspired by the simple wonders in nature around her.

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Event Details

Date: September 12, 2022

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MDT

End time: 06:00 p.m. MDT

Venue: Online