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Internationally-renowned figurative painter #mastriusmaster ZHAOMING WU uniquely blends the classical and contemporary to always elevate the human form.

Zhaoming‚Äôs exquisite style, what he calls ‚Äúexpressive realism‚ÄĚ, occasionally challenges his gallery representation: ‚ÄúThey say the works look too contemporary next to traditional paintings and too traditional next to their avant-garde and conceptual work.‚ÄĚ But for Zhaoming, it‚Äôs the perfect expression for his signature mood, drama, and movement.

Artwork by Zhaoming Wu

Zhaoming grew up in Guangzhou City, China, and studied with the university’s western painting professor from the age of 11. He was later accepted into the prestigious Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and taught there as a professor after graduation.

After moving to the US to earn his Master’s degree from San Francisco’s Academy of Art, the Academy hired Zhaoming as an instructor before he finished his degree. He still teaches art to Master’s students there today.

Artwork by Zhaoming Wu
Artwork by Zhaoming Wu
While Zhaoming is known across the world for his figurative work captured alla prima, a portion of his work also includes landscapes and skies‚ÄĒinspired by experiences around his home in California.
Landscapes are Zhaoming’s playground, where he feels liberated to experiment with composition and colour.
Artwork by Zhaoming Wu
Zhaoming loves working with growing and established painters, relishing his opportunity to share the great painting traditions with artists coming up in a world he knows so well.

Professional artists, this is your chance to work closely with a painting master who has helped shape the art world over the last four decades!

Author: Mastrius
Date: March 1, 2022

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