When you join Mastrius, you’ll be welcomed into a

Supportive | Goals Focused | Non-competitive | Community

of artists, just like you!


When you join Mastrius you’ll be welcomed into a


of artists just like you.

More than an Art Workshop


2-hr monthly
videoconference session with MASTER ARTIST, NAVIGATOR and small group

Practice-based HOMEWORK


Additional 1-hr session mid-month with NAVIGATOR and GROUP. Navigator permanently assigned to your group, accountable for your growth trajectory

CONFIDENTIAL discussion board for you and your group, with 24hr access to session RECORDINGS

CHOOSE a new Master Artist every 6 to 8 months to bring NEW EXPERTISE and SKILL TRAINING






free with your membership!

  • All LIVE Ask the Master Panel Discussions and LIVE DEMOs. We have events every week!
  • 10% OFF your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc Mastermind Groups.
  • Mentorship Badges for your Artist CV.

Mentorship Badges

For Your Artist CV

Master Mentorship has proven to be incredibly valuable for our members and also to be more effective than traditional workshops and formal art education. We want to celebrate this value and the achievements of our Mastrius artists by providing these Mastrius-certified badges for our Artist’s CVs.

For Aspiring, Emerging, and Accomplished Stage Mentorship Groups:

  • For the completion of 1 year of Master Mentorship for the Aspiring and Emerging Stage
  • For the completion of 6 months of Master Mentorship for the Accomplished Stage


Mentorship is activated through registering in a Mentorship Group.
Join a Mentorship Group that fits you and gain access to all Mastrius perks!


$99 Monthly


$149 Monthly


Explore below to determine your stage. Don’t worry if you feel like you fall somewhere in between stages. It happens all the time!

Email: mastrius@mastrius.com if you need help choosing your level.

PLEASE NOTE, once you join your group, you’re not locked in!

If the group you chose is not the right one for you, we’ll help you pick one that’s a better fit!


As an aspiring artist, you have been creating on the side, as a hobby, and now you’re ready to take it to the next level!


  • technique - color and composition
  • art critiques - get feedback on your artwork to help you narrow and hone your style
  • supplies and tools - where to save and where to spend
  • marketing - learn to write your artist statement and CV, build your brand, launch a website, maximize your social media
  • price artwork – because your time and talent have value
Am I An Emerging Artist?

As an emerging artist, you have been painting regularly and feel fairly confident in your one unique style. 

You’ve taken workshops/courses and have already been selling your work to friends, family, and in community shows, markets and beyond.

Now you’re ready to take it to the next level!


  • art critiques - getting expert feedback on your artwork
  • selling - learn how to sell your artwork
    • pricing
    • building your brand and marketing, leveraging social media well
    • earning a steady income in an unsteady economy
    • how to approach galleries and/or go solo successfully
  • business skills - learn the mechanics of creating and sustaining a business as an artist
  • production - studio set-up and time management to maximize production
  • art licensing - what products to create, how to find a reputable producer
Am I An Accomplished Artist?

As an Accomplished artist, you have become established and successful as an artist – so now what? Mastery!

  • You have a well-defined style & display strong technical skills
  • You have approximately 10 years of dedication to your craft (CV/resume demonstrates approximately 10 years of shows, exhibitions, gallery representation)
  • You may have started teaching others technique skills
  • You worry about the risk of getting stagnant in your art growth by the distraction of commercial success

What do you learn?

  • Connecting your personal voice to your craft. Personal expression of how you feel about life, communicated in your own unique way. Challenging your motives: are you painting from a place of passion, or due to pressure?
  • Differentiate your work. Stand out from the crowd.
  • Never stop pursuing excellence in your work. Hone the subtle nuances of technique and work in your unique voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

Pick your stage, then pick your Master.

Choose the group stage – Aspiring, Emerging or Accomplished – that best matches where you are at in your artist journey.

Aspiring artists are generally focused on developing their signature style, and want to focus on technique, materials, colour and composition.

Emerging artists are generally focused on making their passion a profitable career, and want to focus on sales and marketing, achieving technical excellence, and making their studio time efficient.

Accomplished artists have become established and successful with their art career – so now what? Mastery!

After picking your stage, choose the Master Artist who aligns with your medium, your subject matter, and who personally resonates with you. You’ll be spending a lot of time with your Master, so make sure you choose a Master who you believe will truly help you!

Why am I being charged for my Mastermind Session before we meet?
Your membership is always “forward looking”.
Your registration today gives you access to your Mentorship Group for a one-month period, and payment is required before your session just like a typical workshop or course. Your membership will renew each month on the same date as your initial registration, and you can cancel anytime through the My Account portal.
Membership guarantees you one of the 8 seats in your Group. It includes:
  • a 2-hr live & interactive group mentoring session with your Master
  • access to your private discussion board on LUchat, so you can:
    • get to know the Navigator and the other artists in your group
    • suggest topics for your Master to address in an upcoming monthly session
    • support each other’s work on the assigned homework
If the Group has met previously, you can access the last session’s recording to review what the Master taught, and discover the homework that was assigned.
What is the curriculum?

The curriculum is not pre-decided, and your individual needs will determine what your Master teaches you.

After you register for your Mentorship group, we’ll email a Member Profile form for you to fill out. In this form you’ll tell us about your goals, your challenges, your current skills – all the stuff your Master needs to know to be able to help you out.

Before meeting you, your Master will review your form to understand how to best help you. The curriculum is not pre-decided. The mentoring and training your Master Artist will provide depends on what YOU need to learn. It will be tailored specifically in response to what you’ve told us about YOUR goals and challenges.

What happens in a Mentorship Group?

Mastrius' Mentorship groups are high-impact apprenticeship communities.

There are a maximum of 8 Member artists in each Mentorship group, plus a Navigator facilitator, plus the Master.

Your group meets with your Master Artist once monthly for a 2 hour live mentoring session using Zoom. Between monthly sessions, you get support and encouragement from your artist peers on Mastrius' private discussion board, Mastrius Chat.

During the first hour of each monthly session the Master provides feedback on the homework you completed since your last session. The second hour of each session is spent in new teaching, with the teaching focused on what your Master feels you need to know next to progress on your artist journey. Every session ends with a homework assignment related to the teaching.

Since there is no homework to review in the first session, the first hour of the first Mastermind session typically has the Master ensuring they fully understand the needs of each Member. This time is also a great opportunity for you to get to know the other artists in the group.

Our Members tell us the safe community their group provides gives them the encouragement and support essential to venture out into new territory.

What happens between my monthly mentoring sessions?

Between monthly sessions you share your progress, get help from your peers, and celebrate & encourage each other on Mastrius Chat.

Mastrius Chat is a discussion board that we’ve built specifically for our artists. There’s an area on Mastrius Chat that’s completely private to your group, and your Navigator will also be there to connect with you. Recordings of every monthly session are also posted on Mastrius Chat just in case you miss a session or want to review the discussion.

Your group’s Master will not generally connect on Mastrius Chat. The availability of a world-class Master Artist is extremely limited, so take full advantage of the face-to-face monthly live videoconference sessions. Your Navigator will bring questions raised by the group on Mastrius Chat to your Master, ensuring your needs are addressed in the monthly sessions.

How long do I stay with a Master?

After 4-6 months, your group is welcome to invite a different Master Artist to come and mentor you.

By bringing in a new Master, your learning journey never needs to grow stale, and you can access the wealth of experience our many different Masters have to offer.

Changing out your group’s Master is optional, and your Navigator will help you through this process.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is not a course, a recipe, or a one-size-fits-all answer.

Mentoring IS:

  • A learning-centric relationship between apprentice and expert
  • A conversation that draws from the deep well of a Master Artist’s experience and shares “what worked for me”
  • Objective feedback on your performance and your product from someone who is further along on their journey

If you’ve hit your head on the Do-It-Yourself ceiling and your career or skills growth has stalled, the best way to inspire new progress is with mentoring!

What Mentorship session recordings are available?

The recording of your last group session with your Master is available for one month until the next group mentoring session.

Existing members in a group will have shared openly, and sometimes quite vulnerably, with their group, and providing a library of session recordings violates confidentiality and trust.  These previously-joined members also paid to participate in these earlier sessions, and it is just not fair to later give them away for free.

In case you’re worried, joining a group after it has already met several times does not diminish or compromise the value you will receive.  You’re starting a relationship with a Master Artist, and not joining a course in progress.

Why am I being charged after my group ended?

Your monthly subscription is automatic and is tied to a specific Mentorship group.  If a group elects to disband (as opposed to inviting a new Master to mentor them), some members may choose to transfer into a different group, while others may choose to end their subscription.

Sometimes those Members who wish to end their subscription do not notify us in a timely fashion, which can result in them being charged for an extra month.

In the event you are charged for an extra month, after which you inform us that you had intended to cancel, we will refund the extra month’s charge less a $10 administration fee.

In case you’re worried, all members have direct/online access to their account, and you’re able to update payment methods, cancel your subscription, etc. at any time.

What do I get for my money?

Our Members tell us they discover 4 key benefits at Mastrius:

  1. You get to know (and to be known by) and become part of the community of a successful & skilled Master Artist
  2. You’ll develop skills – both technical and business – in just a few months that otherwise would have taken years, if not decades
  3. With face-to-face conversation and feedback on homework assignments, you’ll learn quickly how to take your artwork from good to excellent
  4. You get to connect daily with a safe and trusted community of your fellow artists, giving and receiving encouragement, helpful ideas, and opportunities to network
What is a Navigator?

Your Navigator is a growing artist just like you, and is provided by Mastrius to ensure your group operates well, and to ensure your learning needs are met.

Every group includes a Navigator. Navigators are not Master Artists, and are also benefiting from the Master’s mentorship. As fellow artists, they understand your challenges and successes. As experienced facilitators, they’re well equipped to ensure your group runs well and you get full value from your time at Mastrius.

Some of the things your Navigator does are:

  • Ensure the monthly sessions run on schedule, and everyone gets a chance to speak and share
  • Support the Master with preparation
  • Help everyone with the technology
  • Help your group select a new Master (your Navigator will stay with your group after your Master changes)
Can I join a group that has already started?

If a group has space available, you can join anytime.That means the group you’re joining may have already been meeting for a while. Don’t worry that you’ll feel left out or left behind! Your Navigator will be sure to bring you up to speed – and because mentoring is all about responding to your personal needs, the Master will work very hard to ensure your questions are addressed.

How does the billing work? What am I committing to?

Your Mentorship group membership is billed monthly, and there is no minimum commitment.

We do encourage Members to plan to spend at least 6 months at Mastrius, as it takes time for your skills to grow and for meaningful community to develop.

The monthly billing is automatic, and you have access to your account so you can cancel anytime.

What happens if I’m not happy?

We truly want Mastrius to give you the support you need, so if you find your first choice of level or of Master isn’t a great fit, we’re happy to help you move into a different group.

In case it’s ever needed, we also offer a 90-day full money-back guarantee.  If – after you gave us feedback on your situation and you provided us the opportunity to make things right – you feel you have not received fair value, we will refund your first 3 months of Mentorship subscription payments. 

No refunds will be given after your 4th month of Mastermind+ session attendance.

I'm very nervous about others seeing my work - even the people in my Mentorship group. Do I have to share? {watch video}

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