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Navigating two worlds and always holding the tension and beauty of both, #mastriusmaster VICTOR WANG sculpts figures and portraits on canvas using nothing but his tools and the paint.

Influenced and inspired by French sculptor Auguste Rodin, Victor uses the physicality of form and his portraits as vehicles to relay the depth and nuance of emotion.

“I have tried to treat my colors as clay rather than paint. I build up and model the form on canvas. The thickness of the paint evokes a sculptural and multi-level quality of my works.”

Artwork by Victor Wang

He also expresses the inner conflict that arose from his immigration experience to America where he found a vast gap between his expectation and reality. 

“Although I often gain great pleasure from the process of painting, it is most important to unfold expressively those feelings within myself.”


Artwork by Victor Wang
Artwork by Victor Wang

Elements of Victor’s own experiences are always present in the works he creates. No stranger to complex emotion, he often pulls from his experience during China’s Cultural Revolution: forced to do years of hard labour in the same sunflower fields he grew up happily playing in. 

Artwork by Victor Wang

After graduating from and teaching at one of the top art universities in China, Victor now teaches graduate classes at Fontbonne University where he earned his MFA. He exhibits internationally from Taiwan to New York to Toronto, has published two books, and won a multitude of accolades for excellence in both painting and art instruction. 

“When I was young, my dad told me that genius came from hard working. That had an effect during my whole life and in the way I keep working hard to better myself.”


A deeply thoughtful, experienced, and talented mentor, Victor looks forward to connecting with and pouring into emerging artists!

Author: Mastrius
Date: March 12, 2022

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