Ruth LaGue

By LevellingUp

#LUartist RUTH LAGUE is on an incredible creative journey.

Living and growing in places as varied as wild Alaska, spiritually-rich India, and busy Saudi Arabia has inspired her to explore the vastness of both our outer and inner worlds through her art. Now settled in Massachusetts, Ruth creates with artists from around the globe alongside Australian #LUmaster Richard Claremont.

Artwork by Ruth LaGue

Ruth continues to explore with her creativity. She works in user-interface design during the day, but is so committed to her art that she wakes up to paint for two hours every day before heading off to work! Creating with acrylics and encaustics, she is both an ally and an incredible asset to the other artists in her mastermind group.

Ruth’s work has been shown throughout the US since 2009, is in numerous private and corporate collections and on permanent exhibit at the Encaustic Art Institute in Santa Fe, NM. She is able to create SUCH an atmosphere with her paintings that a client once said, “LaGue’s painting literally creates a calming force field in and around our home.” 

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Author: LevellingUp
Date: June 1, 2021

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