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Every new member you bring gets $10 off their first month.
And you get $50 off the next month of your existing membership. 

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Benefit: the new Member (Referee) receives 10% off their first month, and the existing Member (Referrer) gets $50 off the next month of their currently active subscription.
  2. Only one discount can be applied each month to an existing Member’s account. Referral rewards can be accumulated, so 4 referrals mean the existing Member gets 4 months of $50 off subscription renewal.
  3. There is no minimum period the new Member is required to remain with LU before the referral benefit is granted.
  4. For large-volume referrers. Once an existing Member has accumulated 12 months of $50 off subscription renewal, the Benefit for each additional referral becomes: existing Member receives $40 cash for each referral (paid via e-transfer).
  5. If the existing Member is in more than one Mastermind+ Group, the Benefit will be applied to one Mastermind+ (to the highest-priced subscription). If the Member makes multiple referrals, then the Benefit will be incrementally applied to all group subscriptions in the next month, and then cascade into the following month after all subscriptions in a month have had a discount applied.
  6. If the existing Member has a 6 or 12-month subscription (i.e. not monthly), the existing Member will instead receive $50 in cash for each referral (paid via e-transfer).
  7. To receive the Benefit the Referee must enter at the time of new membership purchase both the Referrer’s first and last name in the purchase cart.
  8. Existing Members with or without an active subscription are not eligible to receive a Benefit under this promotion.
  9. If the Referrer is a Navigator, Master, or LevellingUp staff, the new Member receives $10 off their first month. However, there is no Benefit paid to the Referrer unless they also are participating as an existing Member (in which case they receive the Benefit as an existing Member).
  10. If the Referrer as identified by the Referee is not an existing Member, Navigator, Master, or LevellingUp staff, the new Member’s purchase will be canceled, and the payment will be refunded less 25% administration charge.
  11. This promotion is in effect from May 17, 2021 until June 30, 2021 at 11:59pm MT. New Member purchases made either before or after this period are not eligible to receive the Benefit.
  12. LevellingUp, at its sole discretion, may waive any term or condition herein for a given purchase. Doing so does not establish a precedent requiring the same waiver to be applied to any other purchase.


Many of us feel “abandoned” or alone in our artistic pursuits, and we’re looking for people to join us on our journey.

By combining interactive mentorship and trusted community, LevellingUp offers a unique, powerful and affordable opportunity for growing artists like you to secure success and experience joy.