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Masters’ Art War: Doug Swinton vs. Cindy Revell vs. Jane Romanishko

Thursday, December 29

5 – 6pm MST
7 – 8pm EST
12 – 1am GMT (Friday)
11am – 12pm AEDT (Friday)

Masters: Doug Swinton vs. Cindy Revell vs. Jane Romanishko
Host: Julie deBoer


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Join Mastrius Masters Doug Swinton, Cindy Revell and Jane Romanishko for an Exciting LIVE ART WAR!

Don't miss this event! See the Masters paint off! They will:

  • Paint live from their own studios, just for us!
  • Use a reference photo for inspiration;
  • Work fiercely under a 45-minute time limit; 
  • Show us how to be brave and confident when painting under constraints; and
  • Answer YOUR QUESTIONS while painting!


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Meet Doug Swinton

Oil | Acrylic | Watercolour | Graphite

I never really intended to make art a career it just keeps happening. Maybe it’s living in the  foothills of the Rocky Mountains and being surrounded the spectacular landscape. Maybe it’s that my mom was always in the kitchen painting wicker baskets of bright fruit with Chianti wine bottles, or may it was all the doodles and drawings that adorned each and  every page of my math book. But some how, art has now become my career.

Since my childhood, drawing and painting have always played an important role in my life. A big part of me never really left kindergarten. I still live for the “Hey Mom, look what I  made!” I think exhibiting in galleries is just a bit of an extension of that. Canada couldn’t be a better place to live. But for me as an artist, the close proximity of the prairies, foothills and mountains of Alberta makes my home province a never-ending dream. I’ve been lucky, and have painted in many countries, but to me there is still nothing more beautiful than a cold beer and a hot Calgary summer sunset.

Art is not a living; it’s living the art.

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Meet Cindy Revell

Oil Master

Vibrant flowers and spirited animals and birds have been showing up in my illustration and fine art for many years. The inspiration can come from anywhere. It can be found in the pistachio colour of an aspen trunk in the rain, a spotted horse in the pasture, the golden colour of light during a walk to the chicken house or the inquisitive birds which are a common element in a vivid mix of florals, patterns and animals.

The seed for a painting can start as tiny thumbnail drawings in sketchbooks, notebooks and bits of paper that litter the studio. Sometimes the ideas come in an instant and sometimes they simmer for a long while.

Thick and lively brushstrokes are reminiscent of the swirling scratchboard marks from my early years of illustration. They have a flow that tends to wrap themselves around the objects creating energy and movement. Pure and vibrant colours give the paintings an optimistic and life-affirming quality.

It all comes to life in gardens, interiors and still lifes where they fuse in an exuberant and joyful mix that playfully hints of the great connection between all life, reminding us that there is still wonder in this world and reason for hope.

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Meet Jane Romanishko

Watercolour | Pastel | Oil

Creating the energy of the painting, the true essence of my subject in their natural environment, is more important to me than a detailed record of the reality I attempt to portray the true beauty of the subject in the fewest strokes possible.

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Event Details

Date: December 29, 2022

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MDT

End time: 06:00 p.m. MDT

Venue: Online