Mastering Light & Color

Learn the lost principles of brilliant, luminous color effects.

Instructor: David Langevin
Fine Art Painters
For Stage(s):
Beginner, Aspiring, Emerging, Accomplished, Professional, Master
Medium: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor

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Sunday, December 3, 2023
10am – 5pm MDT (includes 1-hour lunch break)

David is also offering this course on October 29, click here. 


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    Course Description

    This 6-hour course will teach you the lost principles of brilliant, luminous, color effects followed by the greatest painters for 5 centuries, from Van Eyck to Van Gogh.

    Almost everything you have been taught about how to put your paintings together is surprisingly different from how these master artists constructed their work.

    Moreover, with today’s superior paints and mediums, including the newer acrylics, we are able to create effects that would be the envy of all those famous artists.

    We will focus on the technical aspects of how to use your paints to create any effect, in any style – so you can become a master of your materials.

    • No supplies necessary
    • You will not need to paint during this course
    • Take notes, ask questions, and watch the painting demos
    • We will cover all the questions you had about painting techniques and art supplies that were never answered in art school
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    No supplies needed.

    Instructor Bio

    David Langevin wanted to be an artist from a very young age and so when I graduated high school I went on to study Fine Arts in college and university. I did not learn a lot about how to be a better artist or painter, and they taught us nothing about the professional life of an artist and how to make a living in the trade.

    “After graduating university I spent years studying materials and techniques of painting and in particular, the methods of the Old Masters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

    When I developed my courses and workshops for artists I decided that I would focus on teaching all of the stuff that I wanted to learn in school:  Being a master of my craft, and; understanding the strategies and skills required to make a living selling my art. I have also learned that the best way to learn almost any skill set is to learn directly from an accomplished professional in the field – a Master (or Sage).

    Taking workshops and getting mentoring is the way to go for any artist wanting to be a better painter, and a more successful entrepreneur.”

    ~ David