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Malcolm Dewey Mentorship MG-0188

$87.00 / month

Malcolm Dewey For Aspiring Artists

Recurrence: 1st Saturday of every month
Time: 9 – 11am MDT (11am – 1pm EDT, 5 – 7pm SAST (Sunday’s), 4 – 6pm BST, 1 – 3am AEST (Sunday’s))
Starts: June 4, 2022

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As an aspiring artist, you have been creating on the side, as a hobby, and now you’re ready to take it to the next level!


  • technique – color and composition
  • art critiques – get feedback on your artwork to help you narrow and hone your style
  • supplies and tools – where to save and where to spend
  • marketing – learn to write your artist statement and CV, build your brand, launch a website, maximize your social media
  • price artwork – because your time and talent have value

Meet​ Malcolm Dewey

Oil Master

Malcolm has devoted much time to studying composition, brushwork and colour to create his paintings. Together with a loose brushwork style Malcolm’s paintings are filled with light, colour and movement. Malcolm’s work is strongly influenced by Impressionism, both in its historical and contemporary forms. His aim is to describe his painting with an economy of shape, but without compromising on paint and generous brushwork. It is about pursuing light and atmosphere plus seeking the beauty in everyday scenes. He teaches this approach with equal generosity to his art students both online and in workshops. Through teaching his method to thousands of artists worldwide over the years Malcolm has also strengthened his painting skills. Teaching and mentoring artists has become an indispensable part of Malcolm’s art practice.

Malcolm has written several books about the artist’s life. He is a dedicated blogger and contributes to publications like the South African Artist Magazine. His painting courses are popular worldwide and he is one of the top rated art teachers online.

It is in front of the canvas that Malcolm is happiest. Being able to pass this onto his collectors is a personal joy. Malcolm believes that aesthetics still has an important part to play in painting. In an art world where conceptualism threatens the appreciation of beauty, Malcolm is actively creating paintings that will delight collectors for years to come.

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