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Live Panel: The Art Of Color And How To Use It Effectively

Thursday, November 30th

5 – 6pm MST
7 – 8pm EST
12am – 1am GMT (Friday)
11am – 12pm AEDT (Friday)

Mentors: Tricia Taylor and Lori Meeboer


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The Art Of Color

And How To Use It Effectively

Color is a powerful communicator in your art, so make sure to say what you want with it!  Join Mastrius Mentors Lori Meeboer and Tricia Taylor as they unpack the principles of color theory and how to use it to amplify your artistic voice. Using their own work to illustrate, these artists will guide you to elevate your own compositions, understanding color’s role in conveying mood, depth, and narrative in art.

Here’s what Lori and Tricia will cover:
  • The Color Wheel: Understand the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors and their relationships to each other.
  • Hue, Value, and Intensity: Comprehend how colors vary in terms of their pure hues, lightness or darkness (value), and brightness (intensity).
  • Use of Contrast: Explore how to create visual interest through contrasting colors and the impact of value contrast on perception.

Join us to dive deep into understanding the nuances of color and start refining your skills!

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Meet Tricia Taylor


My goal in my art is to unveil the essence of light.

Light has always fascinated me. It has so many meanings and significance in life. Bringing clarity, hope, and unveiling our path. With art as the vehicle, I tell the story of light whether it is the hope of a sunrise, the light falling on a child’s face or the path of light as it falls on a velvet petal.

I aim to share the light of God and is revealed in creation to bring just a little more joy.

Working in both oils and pastels it is the pastels that give me the most joy to teach. The way the pastel becomes your brush and the paper your pallet is immediate and exciting to paint with.

Watching students grow as they understand how to use this amazing medium is my passion. The subtle color effects you can gain by glazing one color over another give a great depth to the artwork.

Click Here to learn more about Tricia

Meet Lori Meeboer


Lori Meeboer is a Canadian artist living in Corbyville ON, just north of Prince Edward County. Lori studied at Trent University and has been painting most of her life. She is a third-generation artist, with her father and grandmother both painting in oils.
Lori spent much of her summers in the Canadian Shield and her works reflect her passion for the Canadian outdoors. She paints in a mosaic style that is bold, whimsical, and full of color and passion.

Lori has been painting professionally (in acrylics) since 2009 and has been teaching art since 2011. She has over 10k followers on social media and is in six galleries across Canada.

She is passionate about helping aspiring artists find their voice and unique style and navigate their way through the often elusive path from becoming a hobby painter to a professional artist.

If you’re looking for a mentor to support your journey to finding your distinct style with guidance and critique, and to help you with the business side of art (pricing, social media, shipping, selling online, gallery applications) then Lori is the mentor for you.

Click Here to learn more about Lori

Event Details

Date: November 30, 2023

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MST

End time: 06:00 p.m. MST

Venue: Online