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Live Panel: Mastering Social Media Proven Strategies for Artists’ Success

Thursday, September 28

5–6pm MDT
7–8pm EDT
12am–1am BST (Friday)
9am–10am AEST (Friday)

Mentors: Valerie Allen and Sarah Sculley


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Proven Strategies for Artists’ Success, with Mastrius Mentors Valerie Allen and Sarah Skulley.

Gain highly effective strategies to improve your social media reach! By harnessing the power of social media, you can establish a strong online presence, tap into new market segments and cultivate a thriving network that propels your artistic journey forward.

Utilizing social media platforms can greatly amplify your capacity to expand your business network. Through these digital channels you can effortlessly showcase your work and creative processes to a global audience, breaking down geographical barriers. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Achieve effective audience growth
  • Create high-performing content
  • Master visual engagement 
  • Foster community 

Join us for this game changing advice from Valerie and Sarah!

As always, Mastrius events are LIVE & INTERACTIVE!

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Meet Valerie Allen

Acrylic | Watercolor | Mixed Media | Encaustic

As an abstract painter intuitive process begins a journey for me that culminates in passages of intentional design for each work of art. Using principles of improvisation, I work from prompts that present themselves through journaling, traveling, even daydreaming. The known improv prompt “yes and……” shows up in each of my paintings as multiple layers. My theme touchstones include music as shown in my Composer’s Campaign series, architecture in Athena’s Timeline collection, and personal history in the One Hundred Years paintings.

The mantra for my creative path is to repeat these three words – process, produce and present. Those words encourage my growth as an artist through the experimentation of materials and techniques that reveal new processes and through the production of art to become more prolific. When those two steps are complete, I move into the presentation of my work to others through conversations and exhibitions.

I share that same three step mantra with others through teaching. I am energized by the dialogue shared in a class and am amazed at the many interpretations for that trio of words. My goal is to help artists find their personal artistic language, improve their techniques, and increase their confidence. I am rewarded many times over by watching artists blossom and grow. It is a rich sharing experience for all involved.

Click Here to learn more about Valerie

Meet Sarah Sculley

Acrylic | Mixed Media | Spray Paint & Stencils

I spend hours fighting with myself in the art store. I know I should be using more ‘mature’ colours that mesh beautifully with this seasons Pantone Colour; but it’s the brightest neon colours that leap off the shelf and into my shopping basket. They exude energy, positivity, happiness, comfort and they do not match this seasons Kmart homewares you just purchased. My work is for those who need to be lifted up. Who like to be slapped in the face with optimism and positivity every morning and the security of knowing they are not alone every night. My work exists to empower, inform, connect and better the people who view it, own it and walk past it everyday. The concepts are pulled from my personal connections with people and the dramas of adulting. With an innate need to make the world better, my work aims to inspire others to do better, be better and triumph.

My work begs to be the centre of attention with it’s vibrant colours and heavy stencil forms. Loose mark making is an emotional reaction to the controlled and structured typographic detailed work. A reflection on life. I’ve slaped you on a canvas and covered you in uplifting paint and words. You will be ok.

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Event Details

Date: September 28, 2023

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MDT

End time: 06:00 p.m. MDT

Venue: Online