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Live Panel: In Your Studio: Work SMARTER, Not HARDER!

Thursday, January 5

5 – 6pm MST
7 – 8pm EST
12 – 1am GMT (Friday)
11am – 12pm AEDT (Friday)

Masters: Laureen Marchand, Michael Orwick & Anne Siems


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Join Mastrius Mentors Laureen Marchand, Michael Orwick, and Anne Siems for a LIVE PANEL on how to work SMARTER in your studio practice, not harder!

Let’s dig into those big questions, like:

  • What are some changes I can make in my art practice to work SMARTER not harder?
  • What unique processes can I incorporate to help me create more art?
  • What routines and practices do professional artists and master artists use?
  • How can I get organized in a way that leaves MORE time for art? 
  • And, as always, BRING YOUR OWN QUESTIONS! Mastrius Mentors are here to help.


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Meet Laureen Marchand


Laureen Marchand has exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally in more than 30 solo and two-person exhibitions as well as over 50 group shows.

Her paintings have been recognized by the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Canada Council and are held in many public and private collections. Laureen Marchand is represented by galleries in Canada and Ireland, with work in public and private collections in Canada and internationally, and has been artist in residence at the Leighton Artist Studios/Banff Centre for the Arts, the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Ireland, and the Ragdale Foundation in Illinois, among others. She is the recipient of numerous grants and other honours.

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Meet Michael Orwick


As a painter, the effects of light and atmosphere are what I remember about a location and what inspires me most.

Light transforms the ordinary or even beautiful into the exceptional.

My quest is to capture these fleeting moments and help people see things again through new eyes.

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Meet Anne Siems

Arcylic Paint | Mixed Media Art | Watercolor Paint

After the 2016 elections I have found myself in a new frame of mind. I couldn’t continue the transparent lace dresses, flora and fauna. It felt like my personal garden of Eden had been invaded and I had no choice but to step out. 
I was searching for a stronger expression of my feelings in response to what had happened in America. I shifted to an emphasis on pattern, color, brushstroke and mark making. Moving into an ongoing exploration of my personal experiences through more abstract means of expression.

On the heels of my show with almost abstract art, I became motivated by the “#metoo” movement, and concerned myself in particular with the developments around the unveiling of women’s repression. Letting go of shame around sexuality and nakedness, and by contrast moving into the strength of girl power and womanhood.

This led me right into the work for FERAL in which I was inspired by a new sense of feminism, a place of wildness, unconcerned with dictates of the fashion industry, the ideas of what a beautiful woman is supposed to look like, the letting go of rules about body size and embracing women of all color. The young girls and women are stepping forward to be viewed in both their vulnerability and strength. They have nothing to hide. They can be both soft and strong. They can be themselves.

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Event Details

Date: January 05, 2023

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MDT

End time: 06:00 p.m. MDT

Venue: Online