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Live Panel: How to professionally finish your artwork

Monday, August 8

5 – 6pm MDT
7 – 8pm EDT
12 – 1am BST (Tuesday)
9 – 10am AEST (Tuesday)

Mentors: Brenda Walker, Michaela Hoppe, Robin Thornhill
Host: Julie deBoer


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Join Mastrius Mentors Brenda Walker, Michaela Hoppe, and Robin Thornhill for a panel on how to professionally finish your artwork.

These professional artists and mentors will share the importance of finishing your art in a polished manner and getting it ready for collectors and galleries to hangβ€”giving you tips and ideas on how to achieve that and more.

Get answers to your big questions, like:

  • What steps do you need to take after you finish painting a piece?
  • How and where do you sign your art?
  • How do you pack your art for safe shipping?
  • What other things can I pack and send to my collectors to make them feel special?

As always, we’re LIVE & INTERACTIVE, so bring a pencil, paper, and your questions!

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Meet Brenda Walker


Artist Brenda Walker paints with encaustic medium, which involves adding pigments to heated beeswax and then applying that medium to a surface. Having been the co-founder/owner/operator of a cake decorating business for more than two decades in Calgary, Brenda loved working with beeswax because of its similarity to icing. The transition into painting was natural for her. She spent 5 years on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia and has recently moved back to Calgary.

Each of Brenda’s paintings consists of many layers of wax, which are fused, scraped and carved until the desired amount of texture and depth are achieved. Her representational style reflects a simplicity that allows the viewers’ own creative thoughts or memories to interact with the paintings.

Meet Michaela Hoppe

Oil | Acrylic | Watercolour

My entire life has been a constant hunt for beauty. Growing up I was always drawn to the romantic, the whimsical, and the small hidden places that tell secrets and stories left by people long gone. What inspires each piece I paint can be different from moment to moment. It can be the light, the colour, or the line of any given subject. Sometimes its the honest moment shared by two people that tell a story about their relationship. I love finding someone enjoying a moment of peace, capturing it on camera, then trying to communicate that same feeling of peace through paint.

I have been painting since high school when an art teacher forced a brush into my hand and told me to go for it. Since that moment, and that small pastoral landscape, art has been a constant in my life. My methods have evolved over the years but they always start with a photo I have taken either in my own back yard or while travelling abroad. I choose the medium I will paint with specifically to suit the needs of the story or emotion I am sharing. The combination of figure and environment creates a narrative that speaks to everyone differently.

What it comes down to is….I paint pictures that I like.

I hope you like them too

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Meet Robin Thornhill

Oil | Pastel | Charcoal

The New England coast has been the main source of inspiration for my paintings.

I am endlessly intrigued by the shapes of the ever-changing marshes and sand dunes which vary between the seasons.

I love to carve out the different patterns that nature creates in land and sky.

I primarily work in pastel, oil paints and charcoal.

I use a similar technique in my pastel and oil paintings; using many layers to build up visual texture.

Although I love both mediums, pastel is still my favorite due to its tactile quality, pure color and spontaneity of use.

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Event Details

Date: August 08, 2022

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MDT

End time: 06:00 p.m. MDT

Venue: Online