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Live Panel: Art Critiques Karen Weihs and Kristen Olson Stone

Thursday, October 6

5 – 6pm MDT
7 – 8pm EDT
12 – 1am BST (Friday)
10 – 11am AEST (Friday)

Masters: Karen Weihs and Kristen Olsen Stone
Host: Julie deBoer


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Join Mastrius Master Karen Weihs and Kristen Olson Stone for LIVE Color and Composition Art CRITIQUES! 

They will answer big questions, like:

  • How important is it to follow the rules of composition and when can I break them?
  • Is the use of color more effective than composition to enhance the story I'm telling through my artwork?
  • How do I guide the viewer into my painting and keep them there?


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Want to get LIVE feedback from Karen and Kristen on YOUR art?

  • Click here to submit your artwork.
  • Five pieces will be selected to receive live critique by Mastrius Master Artists during this event (artists MUST be in attendance).

Meet Karen Weihs

Oil Master | Palette Knife

Using mostly palette knives and particular brushes, Weihs applies pigment in lush impasto layers interspersed with thin glazes that enrich colors and result in canvases that glow with mysterious light and form. The vague forms and evocative spaces in her paintings become magnets that draw audiences into the mystery of creation by way of human imagination.

Her works radiate an otherworldly ambience of shimmering colors and swirling shapes. Weihs galvanizes her audience’s natural curiosity with compositions that border between abstraction and landscape. She alludes to the familiar without telling the story. Her abstracted representational subject matter is deliberately simplified to capture the “idea” or essence of a place, not the reality of it. Her abstracts show her skill at mark making and texture.

Meet Kristen Olson Stone

Oil | Gouache | Acrylic | Watercolor

Ever inspired by nature, I love painting on location at home and abroad as well as creating large-scale, detailed studio paintings with multiple layers of paint. My artwork is a blend of realism and impressionism, the majority of my work is coastal landscapes, marine life paintings and garden paintings.

Having recently returned from living in New Zealand for almost 3 years, I’m a multi-award-winning artist, recently featured in Plein Air Magazine and The New Zealand Artist Magazine. I endeavor to paint each piece in a completely unique way from start to finish. When viewed at a close distance, the colors and texture are beautiful and interesting in their own abstract way, when viewed from a further distance, the shapes, colors and brushstrokes magically come together to reveal the painting’s subject. Teaching fine art for over 20 years, I’ve developed a method of explaining how to paint and have many lessons available online.

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Event Details

Date: October 06, 2022

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MDT

End time: 06:00 p.m. MDT

Venue: Online