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Live Demo: Dynamic and Direct Painting: Mastering the Alla Prima Method

Thursday, December 14

5–7pm MST
7–9pm EST
12am–2am BST (Friday)
11am–12pm AEDT (Friday)

Mentor: Manon Sander


Free For Members.

Dynamic and Direct Painting: Mastering the Alla Prima Method:

Create spontaneous and fresh artwork using this unique and speedy technique!

Dive into the vibrant world of Alla Prima – an Italian term meaning ‘at first attempt’, with Manon Sander, a Mastrius Mentor well-versed in this technique that’s sure to invigorate your art practice! 

Alla Prima is used in oil painting but can also be applied to other wet media like watercolors. It requires quick decision-making, focusing on brushwork and color mixing, and confidence in execution.

Paint along from your own studio as Manon demonstrates her process! 

She will help you:

  • Work with directness and immediacy to capture the essence of your subject swiftly.
  • Learn best practices for color mixing for clean, luminous results. 
  • Master wet-on-wet, applying layers of wet paint onto previous layers that haven't dried.
  • Work quickly to complete a painting in one session.
  • Capture light effectively and impressively.

Don’t miss this engaging demo to elevate your painting skills and explore the allure of Alla Prima painting. 


As always, bring your curiosity and your questions!

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Meet Manon Sander

Oil | Acrylic | Gouache

No matter where I go, I find beauty in the light and its shifting, shimmering spectrum of colors. A strong believer in finding joy in the little things in life, I seek to capture and share the moments that give me the most happiness, and evoke the rawest of uplifting emotions human nature has to offer. Manifesting these twinkles of delight in a contemporary impressionistic painting style is my way of bringing attention to the beauty found everywhere in our immediate surroundings, seen by those who slow down to look and notice.

I find inspiration for my next painting not necessarily in an object considered beautiful in the conventional sense: My desire to paint is mostly ignited by watching the effects of light. Illuminating something in all its brilliance through luminous colors and interesting designs, light has the power to elevate an object from the mundane to the exquisite. How light influences color, the mood, and the energy of a scene has been a source of endless fascination for me.

Expressing my joie de vivre through loose brushstrokes in combination with a well-thought-through design and vibrant color choices translates into a painting that resonates not only with me as an artist but also with the viewers, offering them a view of things that might otherwise have gone unnoticed and connecting them to feelings possibly forgotten.

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Event Details

Date: December 14, 2023

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MST

End time: 07:00 p.m. MST

Venue: Online