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Art Critiques with Aline Ordman and Desmond O’Hagan

Thursday, December 7th

5–6pm MST
7–8pm EST
12am–1am GMT (Friday)
11am–12am AEDT (Friday)

Mentors: Aline Ordman + Desmond O’Hagan


Free For Members.

Transform Your Art by Improving Color and Composition

Use Critiques to Create Original, High Impact Art, (with Aline Ordman and Desmond O’Hagan)

Nothing helps you improve and grow your artwork more than constructive, objective feedback from the experts! Immerse yourself in the process of critique and knowledge, so you can become a stronger painter and tell better stories with your art!

Join Aline and Desmond for LIVE feedback on YOUR artwork and receive insights on how to use color and composition for more exciting results in your painting.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Mastering Composition Rules: Learn when to follow composition rules and when to break them for artistic impact.
  • Leveraging Color Dynamics: Understand how color and composition collaborate to enhance your artwork's storytelling.
  • Guiding Viewer Engagement: Discover techniques to lead viewers into your painting and captivate them.

Don't miss this chance to refine your craft. Bring your burning questions, and let's elevate your artistry together!


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Want to get LIVE feedback from these Mentors on YOUR art?

  • Click here to submit your artwork.
  • ANYONE registered for the workshop can submit art.
  • Five pieces will be selected to receive live critique by the Mastrius Mentors during this event.
  • Artists MUST be in attendance to have their work critiqued.

Meet Aline Ordman

Oil | Pastel

I often say I am a painter rather than an artist.  I love to create pictures that reflect the beauty I see in anything from a lovely pose to a beautiful landscape.  I do not feel I am breaking new ground or creating something never before seen.  But I can get lost in the stroke of a paintbrush or the feel of a pastel on paper.

Art has become for me a synthesis of teaching and painting.  I learn more about painting as I teach and they are equal passions for me. I am drawn to light…that flickers on the shoulder as a figure enters a sunlit space or the way light enters between the trees and then diffuses its color to the surrounding leaves.  Creating a safe space for students to succeed or fail and learn to love the process of creating a painting is as important to me as creating a successful painting.

Click Here to learn more about Aline

Meet Desmond O'Hagan

Oil | Pastel | Charcoals

All art is a form of story-telling, and mine tells the story of interpreting light – a constant element in my paintings. Whether it is the subtle colors of dusk or a simple stream of light in a dimly lit interior, all these effects motivate me to capture the image on canvas of paper.

Throughout the years, I’ve worked in watercolor, acrylics, charcoal, pen & ink, and monotypes, but my primary focus is oils and pastels.

With oils, I enjoy the expressive brush strokes and the way paint can be manipulated on canvas or paper. With pastels, I love the texture, the explosive color, and the bold strokes I can achieve.

Click Here to learn more about Desmond

Event Details

Date: December 07, 2023

Start time: 05:00 p.m. MST

End time: 06:00 p.m. MST

Venue: Online