LU Master Collage

“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do”

 Edgar Degas

Master-Led Mentorship  |  Peer-To-Peer Learning  |  Goal Orienting  |  Trusted Community 

These are the pillars that Mastrius is built on. We are pleased-as-punch to offer you, our Master Artists, the same trusted community we provide our Aspiring, Emerging and Professional Artists, so that you can continue to grow your talent.

Each month, group members will take turns leading the session. Teach, share and demo what is uniquely you! Share your hard-won expertise with other master-level artists and benefit from the peer-to-peer learning and feedback you’ll receive and provide in your trusted small group.

This group is exclusively available for Mastrius MASTERS and follows a similar format to regular groups.

Who’s in?

This is a unique opportunity to learn from other Masters while also sharing your years of art wisdom!



Many of us feel “abandoned” or alone in our artistic pursuits, and we’re looking for people to join us on our journey.

By combining interactive mentorship and trusted community, Mastrius offers a unique, powerful and affordable opportunity for growing artists like you to secure success and experience joy.