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You deserve personal attention and feedback that speaks to YOUR specific needs and goals.

That’s why we’re personally inviting you to work with a Master Artist who will inspire you with real experiences, value you as an individual, and give you golden nuggets of wisdom.

Art mentorship allows you to go at your own pace with meaningful content and conversation.

Form a personal relationship with an artist you admire – so you can get the personal attention you need. 

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How It Works

Pay a monthly membership fee to belong to a 3-8 person art mentorship group to develop your technique and remove road blocks in your creative journey. Choose a Master or Professional Artist from our world class roster. 

Artists like David Langevin, Ned Mueller, Zhaoming Wu, and Ardith Goodwin are currently offering Mastrius groups along with 170 others. 

Plus, access live weekly events (for free), receive discounts on ALL live online courses and get continued support on the Mastrius 24/7 chat platform.

What’s Included

Monthly Sessions
live video session with your mentor, recording available

Bonus Sessions
mid-month with your navigator and group

monthly assignments to support your journey

Small Groups
no more than 8 people per group

Weekly Live Events
demos, discussions, art critiques and more

supports group focus, leads bonus monthly session

Mastrius Chat
24/7 confidential discussion board

change mentor when it makes sense for you

online courses, additional groups, recording library

Art Mentorship Sessions start at $75/mo.

How to Get Started


Choose Your Stage

Pick from 3 stages based on where you’re at in your art journey.

Find your style, improve your skills

Hone your technique, develop your business & marketing

Manage your success, master your craft

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Choose Your Mentor

Choose a mentor based on what YOU want to learn. What specialty focus do you need? If your focus is on technique, choose a mentor based on your medium (acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc.). You can further refine the results based on your availability.

Once you find your mentor, join an available art mentorship group. If multiple groups are available, choose the one that works best for you.



Once you’ve chosen your mentor, you’ll be directed to complete a registration form and payment. All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a welcome email with details on how to get started.

We’re so confident that you’ll love mentorship that there’s a 90-day risk free money back guarantee. What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a mentorship group?

Mastrius’ Art Mentorship groups are high-impact apprenticeship communities.

There are a maximum of 8 Member artists in each Mentorship group, plus a Navigator facilitator, plus the Master.

Your group meets with your Master Artist once monthly for a 2 hour live mentoring session using Zoom. Between monthly sessions, you get support and encouragement from your artist peers on Mastrius’ private discussion board, Mastrius Chat.

During the first hour of each monthly session the Master provides feedback on the homework you completed since your last session. The second hour of each session is spent in new teaching, with the teaching focused on what your Master feels you need to know next to progress on your artist journey. Every session ends with a homework assignment related to the teaching.

Since there is no homework to review in the first session, the first hour of the first Mastermind session typically has the Master ensuring they fully understand the needs of each Member. This time is also a great opportunity for you to get to know the other artists in the group.

Our Members tell us the safe community their group provides gives them the encouragement and support essential to venture out into new territory.

What is the curriculum?

The curriculum is not pre-decided, and your individual needs will determine what your Master teaches you.

After you register for your Mentorship group, we’ll email a Member Profile form for you to fill out. In this form you’ll tell us about your goals, your challenges, your current skills – all the stuff your Master needs to know to be able to help you out.

Before meeting you, your Master will review your form to understand how to best help you. The curriculum is not pre-decided. The mentoring and training your Master Artist will provide depends on what YOU need to learn. It will be tailored specifically in response to what you’ve told us about YOUR goals and challenges.

What happens between my mentorship sessions?

Between monthly art mentorship sessions you share your progress, get help from your peers, and celebrate & encourage each other on Mastrius Chat.

Mastrius Chat is a discussion board built specifically for Mastrius artists. There’s an area on Mastrius Chat that’s completely private to your group, and your Navigator will also be there to connect with you.

Recordings of every monthly session are also posted on Mastrius Chat just in case you miss a session or want to review the discussion.

Your group’s Master will not generally connect on Mastrius Chat. The availability of a world-class Master Artist is extremely limited, so take full advantage of the face-to-face monthly live videoconference sessions. Your Navigator will bring questions raised by the group on Mastrius Chat to your Master, ensuring your needs are addressed in the monthly sessions.

Am I expected to attend live?

Yes. While we do provide a recording of your most recent session for the odd time you need to miss, you are expected to actively participate.

Can I join a group that has already started?

If a group has space available, you can join anytime.That means the group you’re joining may have already been meeting for a while.

Don’t worry that you’ll feel left out or left behind! Your Navigator will be sure to bring you up to speed – and because mentoring is all about responding to your personal needs, the Master will work very hard to ensure your questions are addressed.

Can I join more than one group?

Yes. Additional groups are offered at 10% off.

What is a Navigator?

Your Navigator is a growing artist just like you, and is provided by Mastrius to ensure your group operates well, and to ensure your learning needs are met.

Every group includes a Navigator. Navigators are not Master Artists, and are also benefiting from the Master’s mentorship. As fellow artists, they understand your challenges and successes. As experienced facilitators, they’re well equipped to ensure your group runs well and you get full value from your time at Mastrius.

Some of the things your Navigator does are:

  • Ensure the monthly sessions run on schedule, and everyone gets a chance to speak and share
  • Support the Master with preparation
  • Help everyone with the technology
  • Help your group select a new Master (your Navigator will stay with your group after your Master changes)
Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes. You will have access to your account until a day before your recurring renewal date would have occurred.

Still have questions?

Contact us and one of our customer care gurus will take care of you.

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