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When #mastriusmaster LORRAINE WATRY dedicated herself to painting, she wanted to one day hold her own alongside the “big dogs” in watercolour. Three decades later, she’s carved out a place for herself all her own.

Artwork by Lorraine Watry

Lorraine has grown into an expert at making her mark. A Signature Member in both the National Watercolor Society and American Women Artists, she is featured in collections and art magazines across the country, has received many high caliber awards, and built a significant following on YouTube—her instructional videos reaching over one million views.

Artwork by Lorraine Watry
Artwork by Lorraine Watry

Ever inspired by her own favorite master, Claude Monet, Lorraine’s peaceful works in colorful idealized realism give viewers a place to relax and reflect. She is known for her vibrant colors, high contrast, and detailed patterning, as well as dexterity in depicting shiny and reflective subjects. 

“Watercolor is an exciting, but sometimes exasperating medium. Give yourself time to learn all that it has to teach you. Taking workshops and classes from a variety of teachers is a good way to learn the medium and helpful in finding your own watercolor voice.”

Artwork by Lorraine Watry

It’s safe to say Lorraine is running with the big dogs—and she’s consistently adding more to the pack! With years of teaching watercolor under her belt, she loves to pass on her vibrant techniques and love for the medium. 

“The best advice I received was to believe in myself and to keep painting. Becoming a ‘master’ at your craft does not come overnight, it takes years of learning and practice.”


Lorraine has a world of expertise in watercolor. Have her mentor you monthly from your own studio!

Author: Mastrius
Date: May 5, 2022

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