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“I defend any artist that explores deeply and continues to grow and delve completely.”Karen Weihs

Painting in the luminous style that led her to moniker “The Colorist of the South,” #mastriusmaster KAREN WEIHS walks the line. She teeters between abstraction and landscape and shares the familiar without divulging the whole story. 

Painting for over three decades, much of that with palette knives, Karen showcases her skill at mark making and texture with her ability to paint anything—from plein air realism to abstract to special commissions. Each painting she completes is borne from the joy that grows from abandoning fear and preconceived ideas and letting the outcome be what it wants to be!

Artwork by Karen Weihs

Because Karen is a master at following these creative impulses that inspire courage, foster joy, and make mark-making intellectually stimulating, she is an extraordinary teacher. Under her wing, Karen’s mentees know they can relax into their own creativity and experiment in ways that add to their own individual style.

“What is broken is beautiful. What is possible is amazing. What you can’t do is compare. Comparison kills competition. There is always room for you. No one can do it with your moves, your experience, your insight. You have to make and continue your own moves.”

Artwork by Karen Weihs
Artwork by Karen Weihs

Karen’s art can’t sit still for long. Though her early paintings were impressionistic in style, her palette knife and design sense soon pushed her landscape work into the abstract.

“I am a poster child of art exploration.”

And the same could be said of her personal life. In the midst of painting, Karen has been a graphic designer and professional calligrapher, a gallery owner, opened restaurants alongside her restaurateur husband, and raised two boys. Now in her free time, Karen plays competitive croquet!

Artwork by Karen Weihs

You’ll find Karen’s work in major collections and museums across the USA. She is a member of American Women Artists, the American Impressionist Society, and the Salmagundi Club, and has self published two books.

 JOIN KAREN in her studio to explore your own creative process!

Author: Mastrius
Date: March 10, 2022

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