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Growing up and living in vibrant New York City, #mastriusmaster GARIN BAKER never has to repeat the same theme or subject twice! He honours the diversity and uniqueness all around him—and the singularity of each work of art he creates.

“In the marketplace of success for an artist, it seems having one clear statement or being well recognized for one thing or a style is contrary to my approach. I attempt to create each piece as a new conversation with a time and place all its own.”

Artwork by Garin Baker

An art instructor for 30+ years, Garin teaches at his alma mater, the prestigious Art Students League in NYC. Though he knows what it takes to be an instant artistic success, he encourages artists to move deeper: asking instead, “What kind of things do I want to create with my time here?”

“I feel strongly that when representational artists take the chance to truly investigate, with all the stumbles and pitfalls along the way, these works will be as amazing and profound as those of the nineteenth century.”

Artwork by Garin Baker
Artwork by Garin Baker

Working primarily from life from complex compositions to simple on-the-spot figure studies, Garin documents what it’s like to be alive in our particular moment in time. His expert use of light, form, and color paired with fascinating subjects serve up a slice of life, truly offering something of our times for future generations.

“I hope to encourage the viewer towards embracing their own fascination for people, places, and their own sense of awe for our collective human experience.”

Artwork by Garin Baker
Garin lives what he teaches and his career has thrived under his vision. His numerous gallery exhibitions and awards include Grand Prize at Plein Air Easton (the first figurative plein air painting to win in the competition’s history!), invitations to the American Masters Exhibition in NYC, and several features in American Artist and Plein Air Magazine among others. 

He’s a generous mentor, deeply passionate artist, and discerning businessman—having Garin work alongside you on your art and career is an opportunity that won’t come by every day!

Author: Mastrius
Date: April 6, 2022

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