david langevin

Mastrius Master Artist
Artwork by David Langevin

David’s deep dive hugely impacted his own work. Now seen as a modern day Old Master, he expertly applies layers of glazes, veils, and impastos to create his signature use of dramatic light, shadows, and transparencies. His “Canadian landscapes through the eyes of Rembrandt” are instantly recognizable to nature and art lovers alike. 

After years of learning on his own, David began teaching the ”craft of painting” that gave all the Old Masters their staying power; the “vital issues that dramatically affect the quality of your paintings and their permanence.” He was Mastrius’ first Master Mentor and has forever impacted dozens of Mastrius artists in developing their own craft.

Artwork by David Langevin

David holds nothing back, no trade secrets, he shares it all. Have him mentor you monthly from your own studio!

Author: Mastrius
Date: April 28, 2022

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