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Dave Chidley has been shooting professionally for nearly forty years, having worked at newspapers in Toronto, Calgary and London. He is now a freelancer primarily for The Canadian Press but also for a wide range of editorial, marketing and commercial clients, including the Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, National Post, and Western University.

A diverse commercial and corporate cliental has broadened Dave’s expertise, working in the studio and in the field.

Working in high-pressure situations, on deadline, and in once-in-a-lifetime, situations has made Dave an efficient and confident photographic image-maker.   Being at the Olympics, in front of a tiger in the Jungles of India, or documenting social issues in Africa, good design and creativity will always make better images.  Dave strives to do that everyday and loves to inspire others to do the same.

Teaching, workshops and photography travel guiding has become a large part of Dave’s working world. Dave has a decade of adjunct professor teaching experience in the Digital Photography program at Lambton College in Sarnia, and at Conestoga College in Kitchener, Ontario. 

Having taught over a dozen varied courses, from The History of Photography and Art; to Design and Composition; to Portfolio Development and Commercial Photography, Dave has the experience to foster creativity and expertise from a diverse range of students’ interests.

Creativity and artistic approaches are a hallmark of Dave’s imagery regardless of the subject matter.   

  • Winner of three National Newspaper Awards, Canada’s top journalism award
  • Four-time winner of the Eastern and Western Canadian News Photographer of the Year awards.

His goal is to foster seeing and believing Photographic art, be it in documenting the world around us, in foreign exotic lands or in your backyard and most of all, to enjoy the experience.


My extremely talented friend and former professor David Chidley has been out and about, exploring Alberta, and doing what he does best – taking gorgeous shots of fascinating subjects. Dave taught me a lot in the short time I studied under him at Conestoga, and honestly, anyone looking at boosting their skills should look into his Mastrius group. He’s an amazing mentor who always built you up and helped you focus on those spaces that would take you from a good to a great photographer. He’s also an absolute hoot, but that’s a personal bias.

Thanks, Dave!

~ Ashley

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Listed below are this Master’s specialty skills. Join this Master’s group if you want to grow your skills in these areas.

Technical Skills:


Colour, Composition, Lighting


Technique Demos


Supplies & Tools – Where to use, where to save, and where to spend


The art of self-critique


Providing Critiques


Studio & Lighting Setup

Self Promotion:


Marketing & Branding



Pricing Work


Running Your Photography Business the dayto-day


Copyright, Licensing, Royalties

For ASPIRING, Emerging & Accomplished PHOTOGRAPHERS

AM I AN ASPIRING Photographer?

As an aspiring photographer, you’ve shown your photos to friends and family and have been told “you have an eye for this”.  You understand basic camera skills and have some of the key equipment – however, most of your work is naturally lit (i.e. you don’t have studio lights).

You want to take photos that tell a story and truly connect with the viewer.


  • technique – color and composition
  • critiques – get feedback on your work to help you narrow and hone your style
  • supplies and tools – where to save and where to spend
  • marketing – learn to build your brand, launch a website, maximize your social media
Am I An Emerging Photographer?

As an emerging photographer, your photos are consistent and turn out how you intend. You have a good understanding of the complex workflow from subject in front of your lens, to the final printed image.

You’ve taken workshops/courses, have begun selling your photos, and want every picture you take to be regarded as a “fine art photo”.


  • technique – color and composition, advanced camera functionality
  • critiques – get feedback on your work to help you narrow and hone your style
  • selling your work
    • pricing
    • building your brand and marketing, leveraging social media well
    • earning a steady income in an unsteady economy
    • how to sell your work and get noticed
  • business skills – learn the mechanics of creating and sustaining a business as a photographer
  • production – studio set-up, lighting, innovative techniques
  • navigating the legal intricacies of publishing (copyright, licensing, royalties)
Am I An Accomplished Photographer?

As an accomplished photographer, you are a full-time photographer and you rely on your income from your craft.

You have a well-defined and recognizable style and display strong technical skills.  You have approximately 10 years (or more) of dedication to your craft.

You may be teaching photography skills.

You worry about the risk of getting stagnant in your art growth by the distraction of commercial success


  • Connecting your personal voice to your craft. Personal expression of how you feel about life, communicated in your own unique way. Challenging your motives: are you photographing from a place of passion, or due to pressure?
  • Differentiate your work. Stand out from the crowd.
  • Never stop pursuing excellence in your work. Hone the subtle nuances of technique and work in your unique voice.

More than an Art Workshop


2-hr monthly
videoconference session with MASTER ARTIST, NAVIGATOR and small group

Practice-based HOMEWORK


Additional 1-hr session mid-month with NAVIGATOR and GROUP. Navigator permanently assigned to your group, accountable for your growth trajectory

CONFIDENTIAL discussion board for you and your group, with 24hr access to session RECORDINGS

CHOOSE a new Master Artist every 6 to 8 months to bring NEW EXPERTISE and SKILL TRAINING


Dave Chidley is an award-winning photographer receiving numerous local, Canadian and International awards.

Significant awards include:

  • Western Canadian News Photographer of the Year, twice.
  • Eastern Canadian News Photographer of the Year, twice.
  • Canada’s top Journalism Award: The National Newspaper Award recognized in 1990, 1993, 1997, 2007 and 2015. Winning in ’97, ’07 and ’15
  • Canadian Press Sports Photo of the Year, 2001
  • The News Photographers Association of Canada, Spot News Photo of the Year, 2007

Clients and employers include:

  • The London Free Press (staff photographer for 6 years)
  • The Calgary Sun (staff photographer for 18 years)
  • The Toronto Sun (where his professional career began)
  • The Canadian Press news agency (under contract)
  • Life Magazine
  • Macleans Magazine
  • Paintball Sports International Magazine
  • Splat Magazine
  • Time for Kids Magazine
  • Newsweek Magazine
  • The National Enquirer
  • Women’s World Magazine
  • Canadian Musician Magazine
  • People Magazine
  • Mechanical Business Magazine
  • Lawyers Weekly
  • Canwest Global
  • The National Post
  • The Toronto Star
  • The Globe and Mail
  • Agence France Press AFP
  • European Press Agency EPA
  • Media Management Inc.
  • The Covent Garden Market
  • Main Street London
  • Agrium Inc.
  • Fanshawe College Marketing Department

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