Chris Krupinski

Mastrius Master Artist

Highly recognized and awarded watercolor artist and Mastrius Master CHRIS KRUPINSKI serves up deep color and remarkable command of a medium typically challenging to control.

After discovering watercolor almost 40 years ago, Chris has been passionately producing delightful works ever since.

Watercolor is my passion. I do not paint in the tradition of watercolor, but paint in a controlled manner with rich color. I love the fluidity of the medium … layering color gives such beautiful rich tones.”

Artwork by Chris Krupinski

Chris’s art has attracted a tremendous following on the national and international stage. Well credentialed, her paintings continually draw rave reviews and have won her more than 250 awards and honors.

Now Chris is mentoring the next wave of emerging watercolor artists! Connect with her from the comfort of your OWN STUDIO to grow in your art, career, and passion.

Artwork by Chris Krupinski


Creating from her beautiful studio in Ohio, Chris gives consistent consideration to detail. Playing off dynamic light and shadow, she paints powerfully expressive still lifes and bold compositions.


Artwork by Chris Krupinski

Grab YOUR SEAT in Chris’ studio!

Author: Mastrius
Date: June 16, 2022

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